“The Arm of Flesh Will Fail…”

“The Arm of flesh will fail you.”  That quote is true in many aspects. Don’t depend on your mate, family or friends. That sounds harsh but they are only flesh and life is over-whelming at times. They might not want to leave you on your own. Yet, when pinch comes to shove, they will take care of their self first. And… something could happen to them and they may pass away before you.

Even you are made of flesh. So what can you do?  Don’t depend on doctors or the medical system. Listen to some of their ideas, but you have to make the final decision.

Another words, don’t be a sheep. sheepDon’t believe everything you hear. Think for yourself. Do research. Be prepared in whatever circumstance you are in. Even in small things. If you work away from home and need lunch, be prepared. Don’t depend on someone else getting it for you. Pack something to keep up your strength for the day. Then if someone can go get your lunch, fine. You can eat whatever tidbit you brought at a later time. In the same way, don’t let someone else tell you the best way to stay healthy. You can listen, compare, and use your own mind to decide.

Many years ago people used natural things to fortify themselves against disease. Usually we only hear of those who succumbed to illness. But in actuality there were many who made it through life healthy. And no, they all didn’t die before they were 40 years old. That is what I had heard. But diaries will tell you that was not so. Many people lived healthy lives into their 80s and older.

Now we are getting super bugs that won’t respond to our medicines. We are going to have to go back to the old paths that worked before modern medicine. V__A43F

Now days everything seems to be based on money. Pharmaceutical, medical and most everything is built on making money.

In the end our flesh will fail us too. It will wear out. But the flesh should not be where our hope is.  Our only real hope can be in Jesus Christ Who made a way for us to live forever.


Yummy Recipe for Iced Coffee With Herbs

I’m so excited! I kept experimenting until I found a combination of healthy goodies that made a good iced coffee. I was used to commercial bought frappes and iced mochas. Sugar has to go away because it is not friends of the human body. I couldn’t get that longed for taste until now.

First the coffee… use organic coffee beans. Ground only a few days worth at a time to keep it fresh. Make a little pot of that. But…add on top of the coffee grounds ground cardamom, coriander, cinnamon chips, and cloves. Use just a dash of each, especially be careful with the cardamom and cloves. If you get too much it could make it almost bitter. Experiment with the amount that suites you. Brew that up in your coffee maker. In the meantime, you can warm up a little herb tea or water and add a tablespoon of cacao powder. I try to use organic cacao, beans and spices. Also add stevia leaves that you have grown. Only warm this or too much heat will destroy the flavor of the stevia. You can use white powder stevia or liquid right into the coffee after its brewed if you would like. Then mix your combination together. Take some milk, coconut milk or whatever you choose and froth it in a bullet mixer or whatever you have. Then combine that with your coffee and add ice. I usually make my mixture the night before and keep it in the refrigerator. I don’t always froth the milk. I have used a coffee creamer in the past in it. But if you want to get away from sugar, then skip that and use milk with stevia.

My iced coffee at work. The ice cubes melted quite a bit here, but it still tasted good.


Excitement of the World of Plants and Herbs

Plants around my front steps

Its summer and the plants and herbs are beautiful!

Please answer this question: Is there anyone out there that is excited as I am about this?

Leave a comment and let me know all about what you are finding, experiencing or how you feel. Thanks.

I went hiking along a creek in the middle of nowhere and guess what I found?  Lemon Balm growing wild. It was so awesome to meet a familiar friend out there growing on its own. I don’t recall ever seeing it grow wild before. But then, maybe I wasn’t looking as much as I am now.

I am including a picture of my front steps in this post. I have herbs and plants there and all over! My little front patio is cozy with beautiful plants, flowers and herbs. I love taking my meals out to the table there to eat.

I am growing and harvesting some herbs I have never harvested before. Chamomile, Calendula and more.

My tomatoes are  in abundance. The leaves are as big as my hands and the vines have broke because they are so heavy with fruit.

My naughty chickens got into the tomatoes and ate the great big ones that we were watching to see how  big they would get. Oh, well, thankfully I still have some tomatoes to eat.

Not only do I grow real chickens, but I have the plants called Hen and Chicks.  Something destroyed my other ones, so someone gave me some more. I just planted them and came back outside when I saw my male chihuahua pulling them out and chewing on them. So I re-planted and put him back in the cage for awhile.

I’ve made and canned salsa, jams and syrup so far.


1st batch of salsa




A Healthy Meal for One or Two


Who wants to cook a meal for just their self? But we have to eat. So we just want something quick and healthy, right? In the picture you see some of my chicken’s eggs. I don’t have many chickens but I collect them over several days in this basket. Eggs make a quick meal.

Cut up some onions, fresh garlic, and ginger root. Yep, ginger is super yummy in eggs. I learned about these trinity roots in an herbal cooking class. Sauté them together and they make a great base for not only eggs, but soups, con-gee and much more.

I also cut up some small sweet and colored peppers. Then I contemplated what other veggie I had available to use. There were some small yellow squash I had recently picked out of my garden. It got chopped up and added as well. After they cooked awhile, I added a couple eggs. Salt, pepper and tumeric soon found their way into the mixture. You should use tumeric in everything you can imagine. It’s especially good in eggs.

That egg mixture would have been good all by itself. But I toasted some sourdough bread and spread it with some homemade rosemary butter. Then I topped the bread with my egg mixture.

I know we are not suppose to eat much bread. But it was so good!

There you have it! A meal for one or two that is tasty and healthy.

Vitamins—good or bad?

Actually, there is a lot of controversy regarding vitamins.

Are they live vitamins or dead? Yep, that is an issue. Can your body process them and even use them at all? I understand that the hard pills often go right through your system and come out the other end…hmmmm. Well, what about liquid vitamins? Is it too much for your body to use all at once? Maybe not if you are young and have an optimized digestion system. But who has that these days? One might get some good out of those concentrated, separated, processed materials.  But don’t viatmins and minerals work in a synergistic fashion?  Maybe there is a much better way to get more building blocks for our body.

What can a body do?  In my last post I talked about my new favorite herb, Fo-Ti. Also, I

mentioned making tea with several fresh and/or dried herbs daily. These are not the ones already in tea bags (although I incorporate those occasionally). But you can get daily, wonderful minerals and vitamins from a quart of homemade tea. These are much easily absorbed by your body and start building it up. It takes a few months and then, WOW! It is amazing how my body has changed and healed. My eyes have improved so much that I need new glasses. My gut problem is so much better. I have no more hot flashes (and other bodily functions have greatly improved in that area), … I could go on. I can’t tell you what it will do for you. You have to try it and see. BUT THERE IS NO MAGIC PILL. You can’t just cherry pick one or two things. You need to cut back on sugar, flour and junk foods. We probably should cut out all junk food, but I like some of that too.  I like good health better and am working on trying to cut more of the junk out. Every body has different needs. So it may take a while of experimenting with various herbs. But there are several basic ones that you can work with safely. Oat straw and oats are great for the nerves and give you calcium. Nettle is full of vitamins and minerals. I cook up hawthorn berries and add to my teas for my boyfriend because he likes berry teas and hawthorn is good to build up the heart.

When you first start out, just try one or two herbs for awhile and see how your body reacts. Incorporate familiar kitchen herbs into your daily diet like cinnamon, cardamom, tumeric (there is tumeric in mustard-but you need more than a tiny bit). How about ginger? It’s a wonderful herb for you. Juice the roots and add to  teas,  cook with the roots and use it in any way you can. In the winter  homemade chai tea is awesome. Make your own with herbs from an herb store. You can order from reputable places online like Mountain Rose.

Anyway, the point is to start using herbs every day so the vitamins and minerals flow abundantly throughout your body. There is nothing like feeling on top of life. Good health to you all!

Fo Ti A Wonderful Tasting Root

I had taken a great walk and was going to share with you pictures of new born lambs, a guy cutting hay etc. but the mailman came and brought a new herb that I had ordered. I was amazed when I fixed it up into a cup of tea. I had to share with you about this fantastic tasting root.

Fo Ti root is incredibly tasty. Now it is one of my favorite teas. And it is wonderfully good for you!My daughter and her two girls came over just after I tasted my brew for the first time. They reluctantly tried some, lol. But immediately they  were sold on it. Even my 4 year old grand daughter liked it.


Let me tell you a little about it.

Research indicates that it rejuvenates nerves, brain cells, glands, stimulates a portion of the adrenal gland to detoxify the body and oh, so much more. Taken over a period of time your energy levels rise. It protects your liver and strengthens your kidneys. I could go on about it.

There are different ways to prepare it. One of my favorite ways to get my daily herbs is in teas. So I took about a quarter cup of the chopped up roots and boiled it for about 40 minutes in about a quart of water. I poured some in a glass and added a little water. I added some companion herbs of cinnamon and cardamom, but it was tasty just by itself. I like to get in as many herbs in a day as I can.

Yum! I was so excited. I then poured my girls some when they came over. My daughter wants her youngest to drink it every day to help build her immune system. After they left, I poured the rest in a quart jar to make a quick cup of tea  later. I will be ordering more. I might try some powdered Fo ti root and make a honey paste to put on my toast as it tastes so incredibly sweet and good.



How Do You Take Herbs for Better Health?

Getting ready to infuse some mixed herbs.

We are steeped in a society of quick fixes. Take a pill for pain relief or visit a drive thru window for fast food when you are hungry. Herbs do not fit in this mind set.

God provided herbs for food and medicine. The best way to take your herbs is NOT like a quick fix pill. The best way to get your herbs is in your everyday kitchen.

You would be amazed at how many extra vitamins, minerals and other good stuff you would be getting to fill in the cracks of your starving body. Yes, it is starving for these things because our food no longer has what it use to have. Our ground is becoming depleted therefore our bodies are becoming depleted and need these things to fight off viruses, cancer and more.

Some herbs I forage from the wild, some I order from reputable companies.

My favorite and most relaxing way to get my daily herbs is in tea. But not in store bought tea bags. The whole leaves are much better than the left over dust provided in tea bags. Three to four cups of tea a day or more is a great and relaxing way to get your vitamins and minerals.

Make a quart of real tea (infusion) by putting 3 or 4 tablespoons of leaves in the jar with warm water and cover for about 4 hours or overnight. With leafy material you can use cold or warm water.  Using cold water makes for a better tasting tea. After it has steeped, strain it into a larger jar and use as you see fit.

Materials like licorice or marshmallow root needs to be boiled for about 20 minutes and then strained.

It starts out clear but as it sits, color and nutrients will color the water lightly.

I try to have a quart of this tea handy for use every day. I add it to smoothies or other drinks, I mix it with tea from tea bags, I use it in food preparation instead of water or just drink it as it is.

Next time I will talk about other ways to get herbs. In the meantime… enjoy an honest and real cup of tea. (check out an herb shop and ask for suggestions).