Whether I lLove You or Not

Video game

Video game

How silly and stubborn we humans can be. Just because we feel a certain way, we think we have to have what we want. Or we think it must be okay because we want it so much. Then we get caught up in something where it is not so easy to get out.

“But I love Him!” The girl cried out loud as the figure of a young man walked away in his military uniform.  Because she loved him did not alter the fact that he belonged to the army and had a duty to perform. Her love could not stop that fact.

But I love her! The young man frowned as a beautiful girl took the vows of matrimony to his best friend. Because he loved her did not alter the fact that she loved someone else.

Folks, I have to admit that I have followed the wrong path many times. I’m so thankful that I have a God who knew that. If it were up to my works, I would never make it to heaven. But thankfully God looks at Jesus Righteousness and not mine. But my life could be easier if I would still follow that path He set before me.

Sometimes we think the whole world revolves around us because we are centered within ourselves. We may not like the way we look, yet still we love our self. Admit it. You know you do. You feed your tummy the delightful things you crave. You wash and decorate your body according to the styles you feel looks best for you. All this is natural. We just don’t admit that we love our self to anyone else.

What we feel, no matter how strong, does not alter the world around us. Not in general anyway. Sometimes we can be motivated to do things because of how we feel. But circumstances and facts do not always revolve around how strong we feel something. There is more to life than how we feel about it.

One of the things that I love about God’s Word is that He lays out for us a path. How we feel does not always coincide with the direction of the proper path. We cannot walk His path by following our feelings. We have to follow the path He set before us even if we feel differently. Yet, sometimes we step off that path and follow our own path. Usually it is a path that our feelings have drawn us towards. The Bible says our heart is deceitfully wicked and who can know it. Oh, my, we don’t want to admit that.

Let us pray for one another in this life. We need it. Life is not easy. But there are many blessings along the way, if we find them. I think of the video games we play where there is a coin underneath a block. In real life under that block may be a blessing. There are many levels we can go through in life, just like a video game. And there are many blessings hiding in each level of life we enter.

Whether I love you or not (I probably do), God loves you more. That in itself is a blessing!

Being A Little Crazy!

I was actually standing on a dry area when I took this picture.

I was actually standing on a dry area when I took this picture.

Just because I’m  a woman and not a teenager doesn’t mean I can’t go out and have a little adventure and fun!

The guys admit to driving off in their four-wheeler trucks to see the flood waters that’s pouring over the streets. They try to find the deeper spots and see if they can get their truck across.

I just take a walk in the rain and walk across some puddles to take a couple pictures and people say,”What is she doing out in the rain? Is she crazy!”

I have always loved taking walks in the rain or snow. I bundle up and go! Cold doesn’t make you sick. California  isn’t even cold in the valley when it rains. At least, it wasn’t cold yesterday when I was out in it.  Oh, yes, it was certainly raining and I got wet. But I changed into dry clothes when I got home and was fine.

I never was a woman’s libber, but it irritates me that guys can go out, do things and everyone thinks it is fine and dandy. But if I, a woman, take a walk in the rain, it is scandalous and embarrassing.

I don’t want to put myself in danger, but I like to live a little. I love nature, pictures and long walks. Just because I’m no longer a kid or I’m not a brawny man does not mean I should stay locked up in a house or office all day.

I implore all you older women out there, live a little!  Get out and do something exciting and fun. Don’t shrivel up in a little ball somewhere. Neither water nor cold will hurt you!  It will actually invigorate you and make you feel alive.

Don’t put your self at risk crossing deep swift water or something. Be sensible, but get out there and explore the world around you!  Its wonderful and exhilarating. It is so much better than watching it on television.

Another shot of the flooding here. that this crazy women who walks in the rain took.

Another shot of the flooding here. that this crazy women who walks in the rain took.

The Dark Room—A re-vamp of an older post

wp_20151003_15_42_04_proWalking through life is like walking through many rooms. You never know what each room will bring. Sometimes the room can be very dark.  You may stumble and walk in circles looking for the way out of the room. It may seem you will never find that hidden door.  Yes, the enemy seems to have blocked the way out. Creatures of the dark may bite and tear at your emotions and you feel like there will be no end. But don’t give up! The door will open to a new room one day. In the midst of that darkness, just try to praise the Lord who bought your soul.

Praise? How can I praise when I feel like this. I don’t want to praise…That is why the Bible calls it the Sacrifice of Praise. It is a sacrifice of your pride, emotions and whatever else to set aside the injustices you feel have come upon you and cut loose in praise. But sometimes it is that very praise that will open the door to sunshine.

Believe me. I’ve come out of that dark room more than once. It took several tries of praise. Then all the sudden the door started opening and sunshine peeked through at me!

The Battle We Must Fight

It is a fight to care for yourself in this modern U.S.A. Yet, we can combat some of the incoming artillery that is threatening our health. A lot of it is chemical warfare. But not like our military may encounter. This  invasion is not as obvious but just as dangerous to our body.  We only have one body. What do we do?  No matter what you do, you are going to have accidents and physical problems. Yet there are many strategies we can follow to battle for our health.

A quiet place to go.

A quiet place to go.

There are many forms of danger. One you may not realize is noise.  Yeah, noise. It seems harmless but it wears on our nerves and steals our energy. I don’t know about you, but energy is pretty important to me. I need mine! Even if you wear those irritating ear plugs, noise still affects your body. Your hearing isn’t the only sense being attacked.  So, if possible, stay away from a lot of loud noise. Some noise you can mentally block out of your mind and continue on without seeming to be bothered. But again, your body is being affected and wore down. Try to find time to be in a quiet environment as much as possible. I’ve already written in a past blog about the importance of nature. There are many benefits to that, one being the quietness you can find.

Another place where toxins explode into our valued abode is through the water. Most obviously is the water we drink. Tap water has all kinds of chemicals, hormones etc. I drink glacial water from a local company that has been around for many years. Financially it is another small bill that adds up, but it is one of the ways I fight to take care of my one and only body. The water we bath in also invades our temple. Chlorine is one of the many chemicals in this chemical warfare. When I was living in town where chlorine was used, I put special Vitamin C tablets into my tub. It is suppose to neutralize the chlorine. I’m not certain how much it does, but I used it nevertheless. I

Water affects us in various modes.

Water affects us in various modes.

know Vitamin C won’t hurt. I was still exposed to other chemicals in the water. But hopefully I alleviated one that I knew about. So there was one less to cause damage.  I’m living on well water now. But I don’t have a tub, just a shower. I hope to rid myself of that problem one of these days. I MISS MY RELAXING BATHS. I think back to the comforting hot water with Epson salts and the wonderful aroma of essential oils wafting all around me.

After just these two things I’ve only mentioned, you may think me a fanatic. No, I am not nearly as into all of this as many of the scientists, holistic doctors and researchers I’ve been following through seminars and on their blogs. But I take their valued information and try to start applying what will fit into my life. I hope for your sake, that you also start wondering why there are so many cancers, brain problems and sickness growing and attacking us at this time in history. Disease has always been around, but it is more prevalent in some countries and times. Ask yourself why and start listening to the research on it. Be sure to see who is doing the research. Many pharmaceuticals and money invested researchers are biased. Like I said it is a battle for our health and there are enemies in many forms.





Time Takes Wing

I watched a young mother pull a wagon with her two children in it. The scene took me back to my motherhood days. I could see my two young boys in their red flyer wagon. It almost seemed a lifetime ago. Ahhh, well, it practically is a lifetime ago now.

I remember some older ladies commenting to me that I looked to be only child myself as I held my oldest baby boy. That is kind of what I was thinking of the young mother I observed today.

Time really does take wing and fly away. You mothers out there should enjoy your

Small town parades...

Small town parades…

children and grand children now to the full extent. They will be grown and gone before you realize it.

I think back to a day when I was visiting my 70 year old Dad. He told me that inside of

himself he just didn’t feel like that age. He didn’t know where the time had gone.

We need to ask ourselves some questions. What will others remember about us when

we are gone? Will our children think

Fishing together is a way to make memories

Fishing together is a way to make memories

of the times we were patient and loving to them? Will they

Doing things for others like Vacation Bible School. The kids learn and have fun.

Doing things for others like Vacation Bible School. The kids learn and have fun.

have memories that we helped to create for them? What will others remember about us? Did we put our own things aside and reach out to someone else?

One last question you might contemplate…Did you prepare for eternity? Did you seek answers and truth about the life after this one? Why were you here at all? Was it just to have fun or is there more? Why does time take wing and fly away?

Gail’s Get Well Soup

When I got home from the hospital, I was very weak but knew I needed to build myself back up physically.

I have a lot of knowledge of what is right to put in my body but I don’t always follow what I know. And now I have paid the price and ended up in the hospital. I’m back home and determined to stay on the right road. I don’t like being sick.

Thankfully, I had stuff readily available to make a light, but nutritious soup. I had frozen

I luv colored carrots!

I luv colored carrots!

some chicken broth from when I boiled some chicken. I had a bunch of homegrown tomatoes that needed to be used soon. So I washed and peeled them and put them in my food processor. Then I washed some organic colored carrots and added those to the tomatoes. I thought about cauliflower but didn’t think my tummy was up to that yet. I put some chopped veggies like organic celery on to cook in the chicken broth and added water occasionally.Patio herbs 1

Separately I cut up green onions and garlic. I went out to my garden in pots and harvested some basil, oregano and rosemary. All of this I chopped and put in a container in the refrigerator.

While my soup cooked I added a dash of Worchester sauce, salt and pepper and little

Spices to cook with.

Spices to cook with.

dash of powdered herbs. I put this in the refrigerator. My tummy couldn’t take it yet, but it was ready for tomorrow. Today I just ate applesauce and the water from boiled rice. Later in the day I ate a small piece of boiled sweet potato.  When I first woke up, before eating, I took a heaping tablespoon of organic, unsweetened yogurt. I do this at least a half hour before eating anything else. I’m trying to build my intestinal flora back up after having had antibiotics.

Next day– for lunch I warmed up my soup and added turmeric. When that was done, I added the garlic, green onions, and herbs on top of my bowl of soup. It gave my soup a little crunch and lots of flavor.

I like to sit in my glider chair surrounded by my plants and herbs.

I like to sit in my glider chair surrounded by my plants and herbs.

Does Sunscreen Cause Cancer?

I’ve read  articles saying the chemicals in sunscreen can cause cancer. But I don’t know.



Yet I do know chemicals are not natural for the human body. With all the different circumstances that we are exposed to concerning chemicals, the best thing would be to use something natural when possible. There are a few natural things you can try.  Coconut oil has a natural sunscreen in it.  Although it’s not as strong as commercial products and it does need to be re-applied often.  Is your health worth the tiny bit more effort of re-application?

My grand daughter had the right idea. Use a hat to shade your face.

My grand daughter had the right idea. Use a hat to shade your face.

Several of us went boating last weekend. Two of us applied coconut oil while the others used commercial sunscreen. The two of us that used the coconut oil did not burn at all.  Some of the others did burn that used the sunscreen.  Hmmm, maybe it was just a coincidence.

A chemical is a substance that has been prepared artificially.

God made all substances and put certain substances together. He did it perfectly!

When bumbling man puts substances together, sometimes it does not go so well.

Just like imperfect man messes up a lot with chemicals, his ideas are messed up as well. We get confused with these ideas and then our thoughts become distorted.

Religion is man’s ideas and it has distorted something beautiful. There is a difference between religion and relationship. One can have a fantastic relationship with God through Jesus and not be religious.  There are many religious people who do not know God or His Son.  Think about that one.

Jesus is the bridge between man and God.

He bridged the gap for us.

He bridged the gap for us.

Sometimes man’s ideas like chemicals are fake.  Now these ideas have caused distortion of man’s view of the Christ. They do not know Jesus as the bridge anymore.

Sometimes chemicals can work out ok. Sometimes nature has been messed up by man or by the problems brought on from the curse of sin. But I am writing about these things in the general sense. I’m not writing as an argument.

Do the chemicals in sunscreen cause skin cancer? I don’t know, but I trust nature more than I trust man.

Have man’s ideas not always been accurate? No. Like chemicals, they have caused problems. I trust God more than I trust man’s ideas.


Back To Reality

Has life thrown you a curve? Is the fast lane too fast? Perhaps life is entirely too slow…It could be that the bewilderment beast is stalking you.

Maybe you don’t even know what the problem is. Yet, there is a solution!

You need your feet to touch solid ground. You ask, “What do you mean by that?”

Theres no denying that technology can be fun...BUT...

Theres no denying that technology can be fun…BUT…

Technology can be fun or frustrating. It could be profitable. It certainly is entertaining at times.  But it has taken us away from our mother. We are made from the earth. Our bodies are part of her. Our feet need to be put back in contact with the solid ground.  Slowly we have been disengaged from a solid foundation.  We are often just flying in auto pilot.

When we actually take off our shoes and touch the earth, slowly we reconnect with reality and self.  If we can’t do that, try growing flowers or vegetables, even if in a pot or in an unusual object. Those  that make make a wonderful container for dirt. Maybe you can go hiking in the woods with a friend or your best friend, the dog. Make the break with technology for awhile and reach for reality.

Floating down the river is a wonderful way to connect to reality.

Floating down the river is a wonderful way to connect to reality.

When you place your feet on the ground, then you can place your mind on God’s love. You will see it in His creation. And a certain peace will flood the soul.

An unusual container might be a cup!

An unusual container might be a cup!



What is it about old logs and trees?

Beautiful blossomsThis question crossed my mind today as I sat down on a very comfortable log that lies along the trail I often walk during my lunch hour.

My thoughts went back in time and saw a four year old child playing on a huge pine tree that had fell across a small trail. That little girl was me. And that log was my horse.

My mind jumps through time and I see myself at my grandparents house.  I follow the same girl who is slightly older now. At the end of the paved road she crosses through some grass to an empty field. No, it is not empty. Wonderful trees grow there. One of those trees had a limb that bent down low and almost looked like a log lying there. Again this little girl climbed up on it and away her imagination took her. Another trusty steed whirled her  into a whole different adventure.

When my children were growing up in the mountains, we had a  tree much like that one. A branch hung low and I often sat there thinking back to when I was a girl. In these woods I had lots of trees and stumps! Now I laid acorns on a stump and shot it off with my rifle.  I had a friend who would tease me that I hunted stumps instead of deer.

In the Bible God often refers to people as trees. I think Jesus must be the tree of life. That is my opinion.

Trees are home to birds and animals.

These same trees give us oxygen.

They delight our senses with different shapes, colors and smells. Yes, I can see why God would compare trees to people. We come in many shapes and sizes as well. I think even different smells.

Thank you, God, for trees…and logs! (and thank you for people, as we are like trees)

This is the log I sit on during my lunch hour after I walk a little.

This is the log I sit on during my lunch hour after I walk a little.


831 I Love You

Eight letters, three words, one meaning

Those powerful words can melt a heart, give a smile, give strength to the hearer and so much more.

Pets tell us they love us in their own way.

Sometimes I think we use it meaninglessly and that is a shame. Those words should be meant when they are said. And it should be said more often that way.

I’m not sure how men feel when they hear those words, but to me as a female, those words are very special. When they are not said, an emptiness begins to grow.  When they are said, they lift me up. When they are said before I go to sleep, a smile plays on my lips as I fall asleep. If they are said in the morning to me, they give me a lighter step to my day.

Too much repetition can render something almost meaningless, but I don’t think we hear or say these special words with true passion enough.

When I say “I love you” to another, emotion is released. My heart is shared.

How long has it been since you shared your heart?

A flower can accompany the words, "I love you"

A flower can accompany the words, “I love you”