I was shopping in town and had just went out to the parking lot when that word came across my cell phone. Whew! One way to raise your heart rate, lol. I was not prepared for this event even though we were told to be prepared. Several of us had talked about the situation with the […]



Lately, people who stand for the truth or even want to search out something to see which side is correct are made to look stupid or anything else to turn you against them. DON’T TRUST WHAT YOU ARE HEARING ON YOUR LOCAL AND NATIONAL NEWS or anywhere else for that matter. Search out the truth. […]

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A Few Tips for Better Health

We’ve all been brainwashed to think the only way to heal is from a pill. But there are more natural ways to accomplish this feat that are much kinder to your body and very pleasant. The problem is that we want to cherry pick when we hear of a natural healing solution.  This means you […]

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Whether I lLove You or Not

How silly and stubborn we humans can be. Just because we feel a certain way, we think we have to have what we want. Or we think it must be okay because we want it so much. Then we get caught up in something where it is not so easy to get out. “But I […]

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Being A Little Crazy!

Just because I’m  a woman and not a teenager doesn’t mean I can’t go out and have a little adventure and fun! The guys admit to driving off in their four-wheeler trucks to see the flood waters that’s pouring over the streets. They try to find the deeper spots and see if they can get […]

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The Battle We Must Fight

It is a fight to care for yourself in this modern U.S.A. Yet, we can combat some of the incoming artillery that is threatening our health. A lot of it is chemical warfare. But not like our military may encounter. This  invasion is not as obvious but just as dangerous to our body.  We only […]

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Time Takes Wing

I watched a young mother pull a wagon with her two children in it. The scene took me back to my motherhood days. I could see my two young boys in their red flyer wagon. It almost seemed a lifetime ago. Ahhh, well, it practically is a lifetime ago now. I remember some older ladies […]

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Does Sunscreen Cause Cancer?

I’ve read  articles saying the chemicals in sunscreen can cause cancer. But I don’t know. Yet I do know chemicals are not natural for the human body. With all the different circumstances that we are exposed to concerning chemicals, the best thing would be to use something natural when possible. There are a few natural […]

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