Meet A Good Friend

ALOE VERA Aloe Vera is one of my dearest friends. It helps tame my gut of pain and mends. When age leaves it’s wrinkles on my skin, Aloe Vera comes to the rescue, it will win. Your blood sugar it will help rule. Aloe Vera is one of our garden’s health tools. By Sharmaine   (That’s […]

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A Healthy Meal for One or Two

Who wants to cook a meal for just their self? But we have to eat. So we just want something quick and healthy, right? In the picture you see some of my chicken’s eggs. I don’t have many chickens but I collect them over several days in this basket. Eggs make a quick meal. Cut […]

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Vitamins—good or bad?

Actually, there is a lot of controversy regarding vitamins. Are they live vitamins or dead? Yep, that is an issue. Can your body process them and even use them at all? I understand that the hard pills often go right through your system and come out the other end…hmmmm. Well, what about liquid vitamins? Is […]

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Spring has Sprung

Spring has sprung with nutritious and beautiful arrivals. I just ate a delightful salad of many lettuces, fresh picked herbs and veggies. The picture of my mint and lemon balm were just two that were included into my bowl. I also added a sprig of stinging nettle that I dipped into hot water quickly to […]

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Stinging Nettle

Yesterday was exciting! I was out at a construction yard waiting for someone to get some equipment and I walked around looking at the weeds in the back. I found some huge Common Mallow, but growing in the middle of that was a bunch of Stinging Nettle. What a great find! If you get stung […]

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