You might want to snuggle down with this…

Sinus TeaDo you ever wake up with a stuffy nose and clearing your throat constantly, but you know you don’t have a cold? I did this morning. It’s gone now.

Try some of this tea:

1 teaspoon peppermint leaves

1 teaspoon nettle leaves

1 teaspoon chamomile flowers

Pour some cool water over them, then add some hot water. Don’t make it too hot. Let it steep for a few minutes.

It tastes good and should help clear your sinuses. If you have an infection, that may be another story. Although, it might help with that some too. I don’t usually get sinus infections, so I can’t give testimony to that.

If you drink nettle tea or eat it on a regular basis, it is suppose to help fight those allergies that sometimes get hold of us.

If you think you have a cold, take your elderberry syrup and some echinacea. That should help shorten the cold.

Also, whether you have a cold or not, some ginger juice, lemon juice and honey tea tastes terrific and may help some with that cold. Its a wonderful tea to snuggle down with on a cool evening no matter how you feel!


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