The Battle We Must Fight for Our Health

This study has been a passion of mine for nearly forty years. I want to try and help you fight this battle. Therefore, I want to share encouragement and facts with you on my blog site.

We have a battle to fight today that is different than our forefather’s skirmishes. Their fight was more against the elements of harsh weather, enemies and foraging for food.  Our enemy is unlike theirs.

Our bodies are losing the fight to survive, today.

One of our biggest battles is against diseases and the chemicals that can cause them. We are bombarded with chemicals from the air, water, medicinal drugs and food.  Our bodies have not experienced such an onslaught before.

On top of that, the ground our food is being grown in is depleted from the minerals and substances that it used to have. Our food is weak and not as sustainable for the human body.

Every day we need encouragement to eat right and take care of the one body we have.  We cannot listen to the general media about which foods to eat. They are all guided by profits. This has corrupted the information we can receive from them. It takes research and common sense in our search for the truth.

I want to give you this…what I have found in my studies for the last 40 years.  I am trying to put it in layman’s terms and in formats of a little at a time.  I have been researching documents, studies, and so forth. I follow several doctors, researchers and scientists’ writings.

I, myself, have a difficult time sticking to a diet of less sugar. I usually keep away from as many food additives as I can. I have to make myself eat more salads and vegetables. I do love the organics, as they taste much better and usually are fresher. Yet, I need encouragement too.  Just sharing with you helps me fight this battle, as well.

I, also, wrote a novel for entertainment, Through the Bush.  Included in it are bits and pieces of facts on health that have been incorporated into the story and characters. Mostly, the book is for your enjoyment and entertainment.  Relaxing is also important for your health.


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