Our One Earthly Life

Yep, just one. We have just one body to contain our earthly life. Yet, we often ignore it.

“How do we do that?” you ask.

There are several ways we not only ignore it, but abuse it.

We seldom connect with the earth to re-energize our body. One way of ignoring it, is to live in a fantasy world. We are constantly on our cell phones or computers playing games, or we watch television as soon as we get home from work.

Some may say, “I’m a Christian, I don’t worship the earth.”

Who said anything about worshiping it?

The Bible says our bodies are a temple… a temple of His Spirit, if we are His. We are to take care of it. We are to be good stewards. How do we do that?  In many ways our actions affect our body.

God made this earth. From it, we obtain energy to exist. The earth obtains energy from the sun: we obtain energy from the earth through its ground when we walk barefoot. Also, we obtain vitality from the plants it produces that we eat and make our medicines from. Our eyes absorb the earth’s beauty and it relaxes us. It is managing our energies.


Instead of eating plants, we consume chemicals and artificial junk. Eventually, our body cries out as it descends into a quagmire of disease.

Everything in nature is an analogy…a picture. Nature.  Our food often resembles the area of our body that it is good for. An example would be a carrot. Cut it open. What does the inside look like? Also, nature shows us that we have a creator. Science tells us that order does not come from chaos. We take nature and distort it, but in its natural state, nature is in order. Just contemplate that fact.  It says a lot.

We have forgot what nature is in our modern-day life. We need to re-connect and discover the natural world around us soon!






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