Searching for Love in the Holidays

It seems many people, have searched diligently for a love to fulfill the void within them. The holidays seem the worst time when you are alone. But you can get past this time. It is by facing the void and realizing how to deal with it. How can we deal with that void inside that almost seems an entity to itself?

Some have said we just need God in our life. Well, we do need God. Yet, He is the One who says through his writer that “two are better than one”. Jesus, Himself, said that some people do not have the gift of being single. Therefore, if you don’t have that gift, it seems you would have that void. We want to fill that void. That void’s desire is powerful. It can draw in depression; rob us of patience and more. But that overwhelming cry inside of us needs to be reigned in.

You need to rule over the power “the void” has. Make a conscious effort to win this battle. Enjoy love when it presents itself, if it is a lawful love and not stealing from someone else. If that love is unlawful, run from it. Run as far away as you can. Unlawful love can bring destruction. It will lie to you and make you think it was meant to be. But don’t stick around with it that long, because once it has its hold on you it won’t let go. What is unlawful love? You know the answer to that question.

Clean love can be wonderful. Embrace it for as long as you can. If it leaves you and your heart broken later, be thankful for the minutes it brought you fulfillment. Then shake the hurt off like a dog shaking water from its coat. Live life abundantly because life is too short to grieve for long.

In this life nothing is perfect. Sometimes we don’t have a specific person to share love with. If not, focus on giving love to others in as many ways as you can. It is not the same, but it really does help fill that void inside of you. The holidays is the perfect time to reach out to others.

God’s love is the only love that is true to the fullest extent. Not everyone wants to accept His love, which is their choice. I have found that His love quenches the thirst inside like no other. And yet, we, as humans, need the physical touch, as well. We need both to feel complete.


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