5 Mighty Medicines

“ ______, ______, _______, _______ and ________ are 5 powerful medicines and there are many more.”  Can you fill in the blanks?

Let’s see how many blanks you can guess as I proceed through this post.

In the first blank we find something that is used against MDR—TB and a whole long list of other pathogens. We actually use it almost daily (or should) because it makes a lot of food taste very good. While we are enjoying the taste advantage, we also gain other healthful benefits. It has a sister whose name begins with elephant. (Ha! that will either throw you off or give it away)

The second blank has a lot of therapeutic substances in it. It is actually good for burns and many other things. Some folk even use it in facials. Bears dip their paws into it and enjoy the taste. A host of tiny creatures make this.  Oh, man, bet you guessed that one!

The third blank can reduce the risk of colorectal cancer. The more you consume, the better it helps. (Try for the organic kind, of course)  There is an old saying that goes along with this one…  “an ______ a day keeps the doctor away”

The fourth has so many benefits that it would amaze you. Yet, we are being told by many to stay away from it. (Well, too much of anything is usually bad).  Yet this thing can help with Alzheimer’s disease, Depression, Multiple Sclerosis, Influenza and more. When we are exposed to this, it produces vitamin D in us. Can you guess yet?

Now, let us consider the last one but not the least item. This has become a recent favorite of mine because it has helped a bad physical problem I have. It is one of the most studied and documented. It has been scientifically acknowledged to have over 500 uses in ailments and usage.  It has been appreciated and used in the ancient healing arts of India. It makes a healthy and tasty drink that is golden in color.  It is a root. It is used in the making of mustard (but there is not enough in mustard by itself to be of much benefit medicinally).

One last clue…these medicines don’t line the pockets of the rich pharmaceutical companies.

Yes, there are powerful remedies we can use that do not have all the bad side effects. Can you fill in those blanks above and then use them to fill in some blanks in your own life?

*The introductory quote at the beginning of this article is from Sayer Ji, author, educator, a Board of Governor for the National Health Federation and more.





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