A Cool Walk

If the sidewalks and road are not icy, bundle up and get out there!
1383423287827If you live in the city, follow a bike trail or even traverse a sidewalk thru the suburbs. But for safety, be sure and take a friend.
If you live in the country, ramble down a well worn path.
Breathe deeply of the fresh air ( I especially love the smell of wood smoke from neighbors fireplaces).

Walks should involve a social aspect. Other people pass in their vehicles. Give them a wave and bright smile. You never know what difficulties they are going thru and you might brighten their day with your smile. Better yet, take a whole bunch of family and friends and walk through a flea market or somewhere.

Maybe there is no person who is able to walk with you today. Take your dog out for exercise. Every one of your senses will be exercised as well as your dog.

Your hearing will be employed as the birds sing a chorus (yes, some even sing in the winter).  Their melody floats along with the base instrument of the singing creek as it rolls along. The wind thru the trees is the percussion section of the outdoor orchestra you will hear.

A friend found this bird. Who knows what you may find.
A friend found this bird. Who knows what you may find.

So bundle up, or not, as the case may be, and hit the walking path!


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