“The Arm of Flesh Will Fail…”

“The Arm of flesh will fail you.”  That quote is true in many aspects. Don’t depend on your mate, family or friends. That sounds harsh but they are only flesh and life is over-whelming at times. They might not want to leave you on your own. Yet, when pinch comes to shove, they will take care of their self first. And… something could happen to them and they may pass away before you.

Even you are made of flesh. So what can you do?  Don’t depend on doctors or the medical system. Listen to some of their ideas, but you have to make the final decision.

Another words, don’t be a sheep. sheepDon’t believe everything you hear. Think for yourself. Do research. Be prepared in whatever circumstance you are in. Even in small things. If you work away from home and need lunch, be prepared. Don’t depend on someone else getting it for you. Pack something to keep up your strength for the day. Then if someone can go get your lunch, fine. You can eat whatever tidbit you brought at a later time. In the same way, don’t let someone else tell you the best way to stay healthy. You can listen, compare, and use your own mind to decide.

Many years ago people used natural things to fortify themselves against disease. Usually we only hear of those who succumbed to illness. But in actuality there were many who made it through life healthy. And no, they all didn’t die before they were 40 years old. That is what I had heard. But diaries will tell you that was not so. Many people lived healthy lives into their 80s and older.

Now we are getting super bugs that won’t respond to our medicines. We are going to have to go back to the old paths that worked before modern medicine. V__A43F

Now days everything seems to be based on money. Pharmaceutical, medical and most everything is built on making money.

In the end our flesh will fail us too. It will wear out. But the flesh should not be where our hope is.  Our only real hope can be in Jesus Christ Who made a way for us to live forever.


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