Excitement of the World of Plants and Herbs

Plants around my front steps

Its summer and the plants and herbs are beautiful!

Please answer this question: Is there anyone out there that is excited as I am about this?

Leave a comment and let me know all about what you are finding, experiencing or how you feel. Thanks.

I went hiking along a creek in the middle of nowhere and guess what I found?  Lemon Balm growing wild. It was so awesome to meet a familiar friend out there growing on its own. I don’t recall ever seeing it grow wild before. But then, maybe I wasn’t looking as much as I am now.

I am including a picture of my front steps in this post. I have herbs and plants there and all over! My little front patio is cozy with beautiful plants, flowers and herbs. I love taking my meals out to the table there to eat.

I am growing and harvesting some herbs I have never harvested before. Chamomile, Calendula and more.

My tomatoes are  in abundance. The leaves are as big as my hands and the vines have broke because they are so heavy with fruit.

My naughty chickens got into the tomatoes and ate the great big ones that we were watching to see how  big they would get. Oh, well, thankfully I still have some tomatoes to eat.

Not only do I grow real chickens, but I have the plants called Hen and Chicks.  Something destroyed my other ones, so someone gave me some more. I just planted them and came back outside when I saw my male chihuahua pulling them out and chewing on them. So I re-planted and put him back in the cage for awhile.

I’ve made and canned salsa, jams and syrup so far.


1st batch of salsa





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