A Healthy Meal for One or Two


Who wants to cook a meal for just their self? But we have to eat. So we just want something quick and healthy, right? In the picture you see some of my chicken’s eggs. I don’t have many chickens but I collect them over several days in this basket. Eggs make a quick meal.

Cut up some onions, fresh garlic, and ginger root. Yep, ginger is super yummy in eggs. I learned about these trinity roots in an herbal cooking class. Sauté them together and they make a great base for not only eggs, but soups, con-gee and much more.

I also cut up some small sweet and colored peppers. Then I contemplated what other veggie I had available to use. There were some small yellow squash I had recently picked out of my garden. It got chopped up and added as well. After they cooked awhile, I added a couple eggs. Salt, pepper and tumeric soon found their way into the mixture. You should use tumeric in everything you can imagine. It’s especially good in eggs.

That egg mixture would have been good all by itself. But I toasted some sourdough bread and spread it with some homemade rosemary butter. Then I topped the bread with my egg mixture.

I know we are not suppose to eat much bread. But it was so good!

There you have it! A meal for one or two that is tasty and healthy.


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