Vitamins—good or bad?

Actually, there is a lot of controversy regarding vitamins.

Are they live vitamins or dead? Yep, that is an issue. Can your body process them and even use them at all? I understand that the hard pills often go right through your system and come out the other end…hmmmm. Well, what about liquid vitamins? Is it too much for your body to use all at once? Maybe not if you are young and have an optimized digestion system. But who has that these days? One might get some good out of those concentrated, separated, processed materials.  But don’t viatmins and minerals work in a synergistic fashion?  Maybe there is a much better way to get more building blocks for our body.

What can a body do?  In my last post I talked about my new favorite herb, Fo-Ti. Also, I

mentioned making tea with several fresh and/or dried herbs daily. These are not the ones already in tea bags (although I incorporate those occasionally). But you can get daily, wonderful minerals and vitamins from a quart of homemade tea. These are much easily absorbed by your body and start building it up. It takes a few months and then, WOW! It is amazing how my body has changed and healed. My eyes have improved so much that I need new glasses. My gut problem is so much better. I have no more hot flashes (and other bodily functions have greatly improved in that area), … I could go on. I can’t tell you what it will do for you. You have to try it and see. BUT THERE IS NO MAGIC PILL. You can’t just cherry pick one or two things. You need to cut back on sugar, flour and junk foods. We probably should cut out all junk food, but I like some of that too.  I like good health better and am working on trying to cut more of the junk out. Every body has different needs. So it may take a while of experimenting with various herbs. But there are several basic ones that you can work with safely. Oat straw and oats are great for the nerves and give you calcium. Nettle is full of vitamins and minerals. I cook up hawthorn berries and add to my teas for my boyfriend because he likes berry teas and hawthorn is good to build up the heart.

When you first start out, just try one or two herbs for awhile and see how your body reacts. Incorporate familiar kitchen herbs into your daily diet like cinnamon, cardamom, tumeric (there is tumeric in mustard-but you need more than a tiny bit). How about ginger? It’s a wonderful herb for you. Juice the roots and add to  teas,  cook with the roots and use it in any way you can. In the winter  homemade chai tea is awesome. Make your own with herbs from an herb store. You can order from reputable places online like Mountain Rose.

Anyway, the point is to start using herbs every day so the vitamins and minerals flow abundantly throughout your body. There is nothing like feeling on top of life. Good health to you all!


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