Fo Ti A Wonderful Tasting Root

I had taken a great walk and was going to share with you pictures of new born lambs, a guy cutting hay etc. but the mailman came and brought a new herb that I had ordered. I was amazed when I fixed it up into a cup of tea. I had to share with you about this fantastic tasting root.

Fo Ti root is incredibly tasty. Now it is one of my favorite teas. And it is wonderfully good for you!My daughter and her two girls came over just after I tasted my brew for the first time. They reluctantly tried some, lol. But immediately they  were sold on it. Even my 4 year old grand daughter liked it.


Let me tell you a little about it.

Research indicates that it rejuvenates nerves, brain cells, glands, stimulates a portion of the adrenal gland to detoxify the body and oh, so much more. Taken over a period of time your energy levels rise. It protects your liver and strengthens your kidneys. I could go on about it.

There are different ways to prepare it. One of my favorite ways to get my daily herbs is in teas. So I took about a quarter cup of the chopped up roots and boiled it for about 40 minutes in about a quart of water. I poured some in a glass and added a little water. I added some companion herbs of cinnamon and cardamom, but it was tasty just by itself. I like to get in as many herbs in a day as I can.

Yum! I was so excited. I then poured my girls some when they came over. My daughter wants her youngest to drink it every day to help build her immune system. After they left, I poured the rest in a quart jar to make a quick cup of tea  later. I will be ordering more. I might try some powdered Fo ti root and make a honey paste to put on my toast as it tastes so incredibly sweet and good.




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