Spring has Sprung

Chocolate Mint and Lemon Balm

Spring has sprung with nutritious and beautiful arrivals.

I just ate a delightful salad of many lettuces, fresh picked herbs and veggies.

The picture of my mint and lemon balm were just two that were included into my bowl.

I also added a sprig of stinging nettle that I dipped into hot water quickly to kill the sting before adding to my salad. Yes, I could have added some steamed veggies on top  of my salad, as well, but this time the only thing even remotely cooked was the nettle.

The next picture is a pot of lettuces that I am growing. MMMmmm, they are so sweet. They taste much yummier than store bought!



One of my old peach bins…


I have three old bottomless peach bins that have been converted into little garden boxes. Thank you for getting the manure pile from the farm across the street for my garden, Kyle.

There is cow, pig, chicken and maybe some horse manure in all that stuff. It makes for food that the plants sure like.

The boxes are high enough that my chickens, so far, have stayed out of them.

Small area slightly fenced to discourage the chickens and wild rabbits from entering.

I put a low chicken wire fence around a small area where I will plant okra and melons. I have a few pots of herbs( like this oregano in the last picture) placed around. The different smells of the herbs may confuse some of the bugs. Hopefully, the little pests won’t eat everything.  I would rather share some of my garden with the pests than making my plants poisonous to me from spraying  bug killer out there.


This is a small place. I don’t think its even a quarter acre, but there are apricot, olive and apple trees in the front and back. Some artichoke plants have sneaked between the apricot tress. Other plants are  stuck where ever they can fit. I’m looking forward to more fantastic salads and veggies when spring gives way to summer.



Stinging Nettle

Yesterday was exciting! I was out at a construction yard waiting for someone to get some equipment and I walked around looking at the weeds in the back. I found some huge Common Mallow, but growing in the middle of that was a bunch of Stinging Nettle. What a great find! If you get stung it is not so bad. (Usually you can find a weed called Plantain growing near by. Just crush or chew a leaf of that and rub it on the stinging area. It will remove the stinging sensation.)  Now I can just hear you laughing at me.”How could Stinging Nettle be a great find?” Stinging Nettle has become my favorite vegetable. It tastes so good. And it is full of nutrients for your starving body. Yes, you are probably starving if you live in America. We are fat but we are NOT abounding in nutrients as our food is so depleted of life giving goodies.  Anyway, Stinging Nettle loses that sting when you cook it or dry it for tea. I love cooking it briefly in water then adding salt and pepper.Stinging Nettle

If you want to feel vibrant and healthy, there are a few things you need to do. It is a battle when we are bombarded with so many unhealthy foods and our lives are stressed to the hilt. You need to begin somewhere in your journey through life. The sooner the better. Wild herbs are a start. They contain a goody bag of nutrients for you. One of the best wild herbs is Stinging Nettle. Yes, it does sting if you are not careful with it until you get it in the pot or dryer. But gloves work wonders. And it tastes sooooo good!

I have been studying on herbs and it is fascinating. I also have been doing seminars and research on health related topics. I am not a doctor, but I am learning a lot and excited to share with others the amazing things I am discovering. The venue of organic food, herbs, essential oils and less stress is helping so many people in our nation. People are getting tired of being sick and seeking ways to escape it. Today I wanted to give you a taste about Stinging Nettle as it is an herb that can be added to your arsenal in the battle to gain our health back. Try it, you might like it!