Lately, people who stand for the truth or even want to search out something to see which side is correct are made to look stupid or anything else to turn you against them.

DON’T TRUST WHAT YOU ARE HEARING ON YOUR LOCAL AND NATIONAL NEWS or anywhere else for that matter. Search out the truth. Take time to listen to both sides of the issue. People, they are brainwashing you!

Big Pharma makes a lot of money off of immunizations and drugs (whether the drugs are over the counter or prescribed). Things sometimes are put into those drugs to make them more efficient that might be dangerous. Why? Maybe they didn’t want to spend the money on research to find something that would work and still be positive to our health. Do you really think they care about you? They care about the money.

Lobbyists are sent to make sure their product is made to look good to you. Those are just some examples of what is going on out there where the results could destroy your health. There are so many different avenues where someone is making money while making your health at risk. Big advertisement goes behind this. Main stream media could be behind it also. DON’T TRUST ANYONE WHEN IT COMES TO YOUR HEALTH. Search it out, compare what both sides of a controversy have to say. Skip a television show and spend that time doing a little research on which ever subject has come to your attention.

It is easy to fall prey to deceit when we see some subject on the news, hear it on the radio while driving, and hear our friends parroting what the media told them.


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