A Quick, Low Cost – High Nutrition Meal

My Lunch Recipes for today
My Lunch Recipes for today

I made a wonderful white bean soup and had a sourdough pastrami sandwich. Then my desert was cookies and milk.  How can those be healthy and at low expense?  Ah, read my blog and find out!

I’m going to go through my ingredients and how they saved me money and how they are still healthy.

First of all, my bread was on sale. It is NOT organic or sprouted, but it was non GMO, unbleached flour, real sour dough starter and had few ingredients. Wheat tends to scratch your intestines and that I can’t afford with my  colon problem. But sour dough made with a real starter is easier to digest than most other breads. So occasionally I will eat some.

I found pastrami ends that had been cut off the meat roll and packaged up for sale. Ends and pieces of meat is a real money saver. I sliced off what I could for sandwiches and cut the rest of the ends up to put in soups and stews. Then I froze what I was not using today. The pastrami was healthy in the fact that it stated there were no nitrates in it.  Yeah! Nitrates in meat can be cancer causing, nasty stuff.  I prefer grass-fed meat, but this will have to suffice for now.

I slathered the two pieces of sourdough bread with my better butter. That is butter and olive oil mixed in my bullet machine.

I put a slice of my organic pepper jack cheese on my pastrami (which I had put on the bread in the frying pan). The better butter was on the outside of the sandwich. Then I put some Bayerischer Rotkohl on top (that is sauerkraut made with purple cabbage and apples- regular sauerkraut will work too).  The more colorful the vegetables, the healthier it is. The natural chemicals that make the colors are powerful cancer fighting soldiers. I believe they can help you in many ways. So BE COLORFUL with your veggies!

I put some good water in a pan and added some organic cut up carrots, celery, onion and garlic. (I smashed the garlic cloves first and let them set on the cutting board for 15 minutes. It’s important to let the smashed garlic sit at least 10 minutes and work its magic. After that amount of time a chemical change has happened and the cooking won’t destroy the beneficial properties of the garlic as much).

Then I added some chunked up pastrami and two cans of white beans. No, they weren’t organic this time but they were on sale. I usually use organic beans when I find them. Canned food is not the best, but I keep some around in case of an emergency. They need to be used occasionally and replaced.

I salted the soup with my Italian salt I had made from own grown herbs.

For desert I had some gluten free chocolate and vanilla rabbit cookies from Annie’s Organics. I got a very small container and put some in it so I would know exactly how much I ate. They are very small anyway but I need to work on keeping the sugar I consume at a low level. (The cookies were on sale for $.99 a bag).  Then I poured a glass of organic milk and YUM!



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