Whether I lLove You or Not

Video game
Video game

How silly and stubborn we humans can be. Just because we feel a certain way, we think we have to have what we want. Or we think it must be okay because we want it so much. Then we get caught up in something where it is not so easy to get out.

“But I love Him!” The girl cried out loud as the figure of a young man walked away in his military uniform.  Because she loved him did not alter the fact that he belonged to the army and had a duty to perform. Her love could not stop that fact.

But I love her! The young man frowned as a beautiful girl took the vows of matrimony to his best friend. Because he loved her did not alter the fact that she loved someone else.

Folks, I have to admit that I have followed the wrong path many times. I’m so thankful that I have a God who knew that. If it were up to my works, I would never make it to heaven. But thankfully God looks at Jesus Righteousness and not mine. But my life could be easier if I would still follow that path He set before me.

Sometimes we think the whole world revolves around us because we are centered within ourselves. We may not like the way we look, yet still we love our self. Admit it. You know you do. You feed your tummy the delightful things you crave. You wash and decorate your body according to the styles you feel looks best for you. All this is natural. We just don’t admit that we love our self to anyone else.

What we feel, no matter how strong, does not alter the world around us. Not in general anyway. Sometimes we can be motivated to do things because of how we feel. But circumstances and facts do not always revolve around how strong we feel something. There is more to life than how we feel about it.

One of the things that I love about God’s Word is that He lays out for us a path. How we feel does not always coincide with the direction of the proper path. We cannot walk His path by following our feelings. We have to follow the path He set before us even if we feel differently. Yet, sometimes we step off that path and follow our own path. Usually it is a path that our feelings have drawn us towards. The Bible says our heart is deceitfully wicked and who can know it. Oh, my, we don’t want to admit that.

Let us pray for one another in this life. We need it. Life is not easy. But there are many blessings along the way, if we find them. I think of the video games we play where there is a coin underneath a block. In real life under that block may be a blessing. There are many levels we can go through in life, just like a video game. And there are many blessings hiding in each level of life we enter.

Whether I love you or not (I probably do), God loves you more. That in itself is a blessing!


Being A Little Crazy!

I was actually standing on a dry area when I took this picture.
I was actually standing on a dry area when I took this picture.

Just because I’m  a woman and not a teenager doesn’t mean I can’t go out and have a little adventure and fun!

The guys admit to driving off in their four-wheeler trucks to see the flood waters that’s pouring over the streets. They try to find the deeper spots and see if they can get their truck across.

I just take a walk in the rain and walk across some puddles to take a couple pictures and people say,”What is she doing out in the rain? Is she crazy!”

I have always loved taking walks in the rain or snow. I bundle up and go! Cold doesn’t make you sick. California  isn’t even cold in the valley when it rains. At least, it wasn’t cold yesterday when I was out in it.  Oh, yes, it was certainly raining and I got wet. But I changed into dry clothes when I got home and was fine.

I never was a woman’s libber, but it irritates me that guys can go out, do things and everyone thinks it is fine and dandy. But if I, a woman, take a walk in the rain, it is scandalous and embarrassing.

I don’t want to put myself in danger, but I like to live a little. I love nature, pictures and long walks. Just because I’m no longer a kid or I’m not a brawny man does not mean I should stay locked up in a house or office all day.

I implore all you older women out there, live a little!  Get out and do something exciting and fun. Don’t shrivel up in a little ball somewhere. Neither water nor cold will hurt you!  It will actually invigorate you and make you feel alive.

Don’t put your self at risk crossing deep swift water or something. Be sensible, but get out there and explore the world around you!  Its wonderful and exhilarating. It is so much better than watching it on television.

Another shot of the flooding here. that this crazy women who walks in the rain took.
Another shot of the flooding here. that this crazy women who walks in the rain took.