The Dark Room—A re-vamp of an older post

wp_20151003_15_42_04_proWalking through life is like walking through many rooms. You never know what each room will bring. Sometimes the room can be very dark.  You may stumble and walk in circles looking for the way out of the room. It may seem you will never find that hidden door.  Yes, the enemy seems to have blocked the way out. Creatures of the dark may bite and tear at your emotions and you feel like there will be no end. But don’t give up! The door will open to a new room one day. In the midst of that darkness, just try to praise the Lord who bought your soul.

Praise? How can I praise when I feel like this. I don’t want to praise…That is why the Bible calls it the Sacrifice of Praise. It is a sacrifice of your pride, emotions and whatever else to set aside the injustices you feel have come upon you and cut loose in praise. But sometimes it is that very praise that will open the door to sunshine.

Believe me. I’ve come out of that dark room more than once. It took several tries of praise. Then all the sudden the door started opening and sunshine peeked through at me!