The Battle We Must Fight

It is a fight to care for yourself in this modern U.S.A. Yet, we can combat some of the incoming artillery that is threatening our health. A lot of it is chemical warfare. But not like our military may encounter. This  invasion is not as obvious but just as dangerous to our body.  We only have one body. What do we do?  No matter what you do, you are going to have accidents and physical problems. Yet there are many strategies we can follow to battle for our health.

A quiet place to go.
A quiet place to go.

There are many forms of danger. One you may not realize is noise.  Yeah, noise. It seems harmless but it wears on our nerves and steals our energy. I don’t know about you, but energy is pretty important to me. I need mine! Even if you wear those irritating ear plugs, noise still affects your body. Your hearing isn’t the only sense being attacked.  So, if possible, stay away from a lot of loud noise. Some noise you can mentally block out of your mind and continue on without seeming to be bothered. But again, your body is being affected and wore down. Try to find time to be in a quiet environment as much as possible. I’ve already written in a past blog about the importance of nature. There are many benefits to that, one being the quietness you can find.

Another place where toxins explode into our valued abode is through the water. Most obviously is the water we drink. Tap water has all kinds of chemicals, hormones etc. I drink glacial water from a local company that has been around for many years. Financially it is another small bill that adds up, but it is one of the ways I fight to take care of my one and only body. The water we bath in also invades our temple. Chlorine is one of the many chemicals in this chemical warfare. When I was living in town where chlorine was used, I put special Vitamin C tablets into my tub. It is suppose to neutralize the chlorine. I’m not certain how much it does, but I used it nevertheless. I

Water affects us in various modes.
Water affects us in various modes.

know Vitamin C won’t hurt. I was still exposed to other chemicals in the water. But hopefully I alleviated one that I knew about. So there was one less to cause damage.  I’m living on well water now. But I don’t have a tub, just a shower. I hope to rid myself of that problem one of these days. I MISS MY RELAXING BATHS. I think back to the comforting hot water with Epson salts and the wonderful aroma of essential oils wafting all around me.

After just these two things I’ve only mentioned, you may think me a fanatic. No, I am not nearly as into all of this as many of the scientists, holistic doctors and researchers I’ve been following through seminars and on their blogs. But I take their valued information and try to start applying what will fit into my life. I hope for your sake, that you also start wondering why there are so many cancers, brain problems and sickness growing and attacking us at this time in history. Disease has always been around, but it is more prevalent in some countries and times. Ask yourself why and start listening to the research on it. Be sure to see who is doing the research. Many pharmaceuticals and money invested researchers are biased. Like I said it is a battle for our health and there are enemies in many forms.






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