Does Sunscreen Cause Cancer?

I’ve read  articles saying the chemicals in sunscreen can cause cancer. But I don’t know.


Yet I do know chemicals are not natural for the human body. With all the different circumstances that we are exposed to concerning chemicals, the best thing would be to use something natural when possible. There are a few natural things you can try.  Coconut oil has a natural sunscreen in it.  Although it’s not as strong as commercial products and it does need to be re-applied often.  Is your health worth the tiny bit more effort of re-application?

My grand daughter had the right idea. Use a hat to shade your face.
My grand daughter had the right idea. Use a hat to shade your face.

Several of us went boating last weekend. Two of us applied coconut oil while the others used commercial sunscreen. The two of us that used the coconut oil did not burn at all.  Some of the others did burn that used the sunscreen.  Hmmm, maybe it was just a coincidence.

A chemical is a substance that has been prepared artificially.

God made all substances and put certain substances together. He did it perfectly!

When bumbling man puts substances together, sometimes it does not go so well.

Just like imperfect man messes up a lot with chemicals, his ideas are messed up as well. We get confused with these ideas and then our thoughts become distorted.

Religion is man’s ideas and it has distorted something beautiful. There is a difference between religion and relationship. One can have a fantastic relationship with God through Jesus and not be religious.  There are many religious people who do not know God or His Son.  Think about that one.

Jesus is the bridge between man and God.

He bridged the gap for us.
He bridged the gap for us.

Sometimes man’s ideas like chemicals are fake.  Now these ideas have caused distortion of man’s view of the Christ. They do not know Jesus as the bridge anymore.

Sometimes chemicals can work out ok. Sometimes nature has been messed up by man or by the problems brought on from the curse of sin. But I am writing about these things in the general sense. I’m not writing as an argument.

Do the chemicals in sunscreen cause skin cancer? I don’t know, but I trust nature more than I trust man.

Have man’s ideas not always been accurate? No. Like chemicals, they have caused problems. I trust God more than I trust man’s ideas.



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