What is it about old logs and trees?

Beautiful blossomsThis question crossed my mind today as I sat down on a very comfortable log that lies along the trail I often walk during my lunch hour.

My thoughts went back in time and saw a four year old child playing on a huge pine tree that had fell across a small trail. That little girl was me. And that log was my horse.

My mind jumps through time and I see myself at my grandparents house.  I follow the same girl who is slightly older now. At the end of the paved road she crosses through some grass to an empty field. No, it is not empty. Wonderful trees grow there. One of those trees had a limb that bent down low and almost looked like a log lying there. Again this little girl climbed up on it and away her imagination took her. Another trusty steed whirled her  into a whole different adventure.

When my children were growing up in the mountains, we had a  tree much like that one. A branch hung low and I often sat there thinking back to when I was a girl. In these woods I had lots of trees and stumps! Now I laid acorns on a stump and shot it off with my rifle.  I had a friend who would tease me that I hunted stumps instead of deer.

In the Bible God often refers to people as trees. I think Jesus must be the tree of life. That is my opinion.

Trees are home to birds and animals.

These same trees give us oxygen.

They delight our senses with different shapes, colors and smells. Yes, I can see why God would compare trees to people. We come in many shapes and sizes as well. I think even different smells.

Thank you, God, for trees…and logs! (and thank you for people, as we are like trees)

This is the log I sit on during my lunch hour after I walk a little.
This is the log I sit on during my lunch hour after I walk a little.