831 I Love You

Eight letters, three words, one meaning

Those powerful words can melt a heart, give a smile, give strength to the hearer and so much more.
Pets tell us they love us in their own way.

Sometimes I think we use it meaninglessly and that is a shame. Those words should be meant when they are said. And it should be said more often that way.

I’m not sure how men feel when they hear those words, but to me as a female, those words are very special. When they are not said, an emptiness begins to grow.  When they are said, they lift me up. When they are said before I go to sleep, a smile plays on my lips as I fall asleep. If they are said in the morning to me, they give me a lighter step to my day.

Too much repetition can render something almost meaningless, but I don’t think we hear or say these special words with true passion enough.

When I say “I love you” to another, emotion is released. My heart is shared.

How long has it been since you shared your heart?

A flower can accompany the words, "I love you"
A flower can accompany the words, “I love you”




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