Do You Want To Be Empowered?

Wow! That’s a leading question, eh? There are so many ways to be empowered.

First, lets dump the media’s advertisements of being empowered with their product. The truth is you are empowering them with your money!

Let me tell you a really big secret. Most media is brainwashing you. It is taking away your empowerment to think freely. Now, once you understand that, you can begin to break away. But that is harder than it sounds. If you get rid of television reception, be prepared for withdrawals. We not only get desensitized, but we are addicted to it. A lot of the music we listen to is feeding thoughts and ideas into our mind and so is the t.v. We are inundated with their religion. Yes, Humanism is a religion. And it abounds in our schools and media. A religion can be   organized beliefs, cultural thoughts, and world views that pertain to  human kind. There is very good facets of religion when it is based on truth. We need to be careful what religion we follow.

Go back to basics. Not only look to God, but look to the nature that God Himself provided for us. There you will find peace, beauty, medicine and health. It is not an easy task. There are still available tools of technology such as this computer that we can use wisely if we so choose. The internet can be a fantastic avenue of knowledge and sharing. But it can be devastating and destroy as well. Even the t.v. can be useful if used properly. BE CAREFUL.

Think lovely thoughts, discern truth, seek honesty, reach for good reports.

Relaxing music and beautiful colors
Relaxing music and beautiful colors

If you want to empower yourself, start with learning to think for yourself and not what books, t.v. and music have implanted within your brain. Be more critical of what is popular in these areas. There are good books, good uses with the t.v., and wonderful uplifting music available. But the bad tends to be outweighing the good. And it is very deceiving. It is stealing your ability to think for yourself.





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