Do You Want To Be Empowered?

Wow! That’s a leading question, eh? There are so many ways to be empowered.

First, lets dump the media’s advertisements of being empowered with their product. The truth is you are empowering them with your money!

Let me tell you a really big secret. Most media is brainwashing you. It is taking away your empowerment to think freely. Now, once you understand that, you can begin to break away. But that is harder than it sounds. If you get rid of television reception, be prepared for withdrawals. We not only get desensitized, but we are addicted to it. A lot of the music we listen to is feeding thoughts and ideas into our mind and so is the t.v. We are inundated with their religion. Yes, Humanism is a religion. And it abounds in our schools and media. A religion can be   organized beliefs, cultural thoughts, and world views that pertain to  human kind. There is very good facets of religion when it is based on truth. We need to be careful what religion we follow.

Go back to basics. Not only look to God, but look to the nature that God Himself provided for us. There you will find peace, beauty, medicine and health. It is not an easy task. There are still available tools of technology such as this computer that we can use wisely if we so choose. The internet can be a fantastic avenue of knowledge and sharing. But it can be devastating and destroy as well. Even the t.v. can be useful if used properly. BE CAREFUL.

Think lovely thoughts, discern truth, seek honesty, reach for good reports.

Relaxing music and beautiful colors
Relaxing music and beautiful colors

If you want to empower yourself, start with learning to think for yourself and not what books, t.v. and music have implanted within your brain. Be more critical of what is popular in these areas. There are good books, good uses with the t.v., and wonderful uplifting music available. But the bad tends to be outweighing the good. And it is very deceiving. It is stealing your ability to think for yourself.






Deep down inside each one of us is hiding a passion for something. There is something in which you have a great interest. It may take you a few years to realize just what it is…but it is there. Let me tell you about mine and then maybe you will understand why I write my blog. Maybe you will identify with something in this article and realize that you need to follow your passion, as well.
Actually, I have 4 great passions. First and foremost is to share the love of Christ and what He has done for mankind. There is so much deception in this area that it is sometimes a hard passion to deal with. But when something hits me, I just have to write and share that with you.
Two is writing. I love words, communication and sharing things that are strongly embedded within me. I use to tell imaginative stories to my cousins when I was very young. Grandma said I entertained them for hours with my yarns. In my early teens I wrote poetry and even as a child I wrote stories. I remember one called,” The Mechanical Cat”, I wrote in the second grade. My teacher did not believe I wrote it and called my Mom in to talk about it. Of course, Mom told her that I did write it. And now I have written a really good novel, but breaking into the field of novel publication is no easy task. Since I have to work for a living, I don’t have a lot of time to pursue just how to go about it. But I write when I have time and maybe when I’m dead and gone, my family and friends will be entertained and uplifted by my writings. I don’t know why I love to write so much.
I love writing songs as well, which brings me to my Third passion music. God gave me a voice to sing as well as a gift of writing. I have sang in a lot of places and I hope I blessed those people. Many have told me that I have and I am glad. I usually sing with my guitar. I have also played the piano at church and just for fun. I’m not a great instrument player, but I accompany myself and others and have enjoyed that. Singing comes from deep within me. I feel a great passion for it. My emotions are truly stirred from the place where music and spiritual words abide.


My fourth passion is alternative health. Since I left home at 19, I was experimenting, researching, reading, and listening to all kinds of doctors, health experts etc. I compared and prayed about many things regarding this subject. Why I have pursued and studied this subject so relentlessly is a mystery to me. No one in my family was even remotely heading that direction. I did want the best for my family. In my studies I found that we cannot go along with trends or media about our health. The pharmaceutical industry is rich and owns most of the commercials on television, I do believe. I don’t trust most doctors either…or anyone really. I take most stuff with a grain of salt and search it out myself. Yes, speaking of salt, we need salt! Just use sea salt with no additives. Table salt is not good, but plain sea salt is just fine. There is a reason for that which I will not explain right now. That was just a tid bit I had to share.

Natural Remedies
Natural Remedies

Okay. I have not become a famous person following my passions. Some people have. But I find fulfillment when I do pursue them and use them in my life. I think you will too.