The So Called Ugly and the Lonely

Everyone is drawn to the tiny babies, adorable children, beautiful young woman with long flowing tresses and the handsome young man. We will gladly reach out to them if they are in stress or need. But what about the deformed child with crossed eyes and the older adult whom life has taken his youth?

She may be ugly to you, but she is cute to me.
She may be ugly to you, but she is cute to me.

It is naturally difficult to even cross the barrier with these souls and touch their lives with kindness. Life is so hectic and busy that we most often don’t even think about it when we run across them. We bypass them and move on to something that pleases our sense of sight.
Yet, these are the souls that need our love and kindness most of all. They don’t just need our pity; they need our genuine attention and time. They need a kind word, a funny story to make them smile, a flower for them to hold or a physical touch and a prayer.

A flower for a lonely one.
A flower for a lonely one.

There are real souls trapped inside these bodies. Honest to goodness feelings that ache for human compassion and love. We all need love whether we are physically pleasing or grossly repelling.
Each of us needs to break out of our self engrossed worlds and touch another life that so desperately needs attention and affection. We all need to make an honest effort to reach out to the quiet one in the corner, the man with no legs and few friends, the child that is not so cute and the old lady who was once beautiful but now no one brings her flowers.



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