Accident Update and An Herbal Word or Two

This will have to be short as I was in a an exceptionally bad car accident and my concussion won’t let me be on here long, I’m sure.

First of all, I want to give God the glory for taking something meant for bad and turning it into good. My grand daughter and I are still alive and the many prayers (even at the scene of the accident) are appreciated. A Ford 350 truck hit my little cavalier. Need I say more on that?

They had to cut the top and side off the car
They had to cut the top and side off the car

Many people want good health and are trying herbs…but trying herbs from mainline stores. They find they have no results and give up. BUT PLEASE TRY A DIFFERENT SOURCE. Many mainline vitamin and herbal  brands are being reported to not have the main ingredients that are purported. You may have some side ingredients that are top of the line, but the main ingredient is missing or not much there.

On the second visit the ER doctor prescribed some medicine for anti-inflamatory results for me for my wounds. I did NOT use this,  I had already  bought some anti-inflam herbs. They have worked wonders on my condition and pain.

I would not take the pain killers from the hospital. I am thankful they did not give me any medicine while I was unconscious. My herbs and special foods have worked wonders and my body is healing rapidly even at my age!  I did use Tylenol a few times…but it seemed the pain came back worse later when I used it. I feel God led me to the right place to buy the herbs and the exact herbs I needed. I have some knowledge on herbs, but in my condition I wasn’t even sure I had the right stuff until later.

I did have a CT scan and I hate that fact. But my family were worried and I took that chance and did it.  I ended up doing it again a week later to make sure there were no bleeds in my brain. I  prayed for God’s protection from the effects the radiation could have on my body.  But it is also my responsibility to take care of this body. So I went and bought some kelp pills in hope that it would rid my body of the radiation..or at least help. I also am taking ginko biloba which helps clean your system. My essential oils have been wonderful as always. I add them to the epsom salt in a warm bath to help my sore muscles, scratches, cuts and more.

Natural Remedies
Natural Remedies

The good thing also, is that I have already been taking care of my body. I take stuff to help my brain and body be stronger and healthy. I hope you all do the same as you never know what kind of abuse your body may have to go through.

Life can be beautiful. I'm glad my grand daughter and I can still share some of it with you!
Life can be beautiful. I’m glad my grand daughter and I can still share some of it with you!



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