The Fountain of Youth

Juan Ponce De Leon searched for it before we were even a nation. I don’t think he found it.
Today many products are sold to the people who are searching to look and feel younger.
But it is not one thing. It’s not a fountain you can drink from literally. And yet, it makes a good analogy …to drink from this fountain. 1368631940173
On the physical realm what we eat is who we are. But it is not easy to know what is good for our bodies because money rules the media and press. And whoever has the best lobbyist has more control of propaganda to feed the people. Our diet is not only contaminated with our food, but the diet we get from the media is contaminated as well. So one must personally dig, research and compare information to find what is right. What do I mean by compare? You will find a lot of information that is contradictory. Find someone who has done research that you can trust. Experiment and try yourself to see what works for you. Everybody is chemically a little different. So some things that help one person may not help another. And yet, there are a lot of similarities between humans. Some aspects of food, medicines and health are general to the whole population. 1370727966516
If you follow these few tips when you are still young, you have a good chance of looking and feeling younger longer:
• Stay away from hydrogenated foods and msg.
• Try to incorporate a lot of veggies into the diet.
• Look for things that are close to nature and natural like organic, organic, organic.
• Stay away from stress. That has taken its toll on me these last few years.
• I have found that some brands of the green veggie powders you mix in some water and drink give more energy than anything I have tried. They are about as close to the “fountain of youth” as I’ve been able to find.
• Not too many carbs and sugar, these make you feel sluggish and almost sick. They really slow you down.
• Stay away from drugs, medicinal or otherwise unless absolutely necessary.
• Use Theraputic Grade Essential Oils for health, relaxation, cleaning and so forth.

Ah, I’m still in a body that is daily decaying and I can’t stop it. But I have been able to slow it down a little bit.
The physical aspect is only one side. There is a spiritual side too. It can be corrupted by the media, religion and so forth as well. This is a very personal aspect of your being that is perhaps the most important because it’s that side of you that does not age with time. This is the part of you that will live through eternity. It is difficult to find truth in this area. It has been so corrupted and there is so much deception. But I can assure you that Jesus Christ is real and is the answer. He paid the price for human kind. But it is a relationship not a religion. Spiritually, His blood is the fountain we must seek to cleanse us and make us fit for His kingdom. We can never be good enough, because we are not perfect.
So, perhaps there is a fountain….if not of youth, then it is of life, and life everlasting.


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