Memories and the Moment

Not only do we need to make good memories, but we need to take the moment and not lose a chance to absorb the good things around us. There will be many stressful and hurtful days, so make the best of the days that are free to be enjoyed.Missy 2015

Sunday afternoon I found myself alone and in my apartment. I felt kind of tired and laid down. Then I jumped up with a sudden thought. I didn’t live far from the river. I ended up walking along the river and smelling the almond trees that were in bloom. I watched the various breeds of ducks swimming and the fishermen standing in the river trying to catch fish. The darkness began to creep around me and I headed back towards my car. But I stopped not far from where it was parked and sat down in the grass to watch the beautiful moon and evening sky as the day faded away.1371951053126

I realized I wasn’t tired anymore. I was filled with the wonder of God’s beautiful creation. This evening was a gift He had presented me and I almost missed it.

Making memories last summer
Making memories last summer