Storms: Pro and Con

California has had several years of an awful drought. It makes me think of how we as people are also in a drought. Many of our lives are dry and barren.

The rainbow after a storm.
The rainbow after a storm.

It takes a full sap to run in the wood of the trees to feed the unfurling leaves that they might be fully alive and green. Otherwise they are a gray, dull green. It takes a full supply of God’s love to run in His people to produce truly abundant lives that are beautiful.
Sometimes the sap in us is replaced by other things like bitterness. Someone in a class I was attending stated that bitterness is really selfishness. I had never thought of that before. Then when reading a book the other night, I read the same statement, “Bitterness is selfishness”. Think about that. I’m still mulling it over and I’m seeing that there is much wisdom in it. There are many things that can replace the sap that should be running within our veins.
As I lay on my bed, I listened to the downpour of rain. It is very comforting to listen to it. But storms can be scary. This is a big storm raining down upon us. We have not had much rain in a long time. It can and is causing major flooding and other problems. But at the same time, we need it desperately. Everything is dying without it. How can something that is causing so much damage and trouble be life saving to our countryside at the same time?
Perhaps we need to see storms in our personal life in the same light. These storms can cause much trouble for our life. But sometimes we are in a personal drought and a troublesome storm makes us stop and refocus. When there is no life left in us, or so it seems, then perhaps God can rebuild what He wants for us. When our life has become a desert, maybe a torrential rain will awaken in us new life. It might be painful to endure the time of the storms though.
We may become bitter, dry and twisted in the drought of our personal life. When the terrible storm comes, will we sprout bright new green leaves?
I kind of see these facts, but still I am reeling inside from life’s storms. Yet, I don’t want to be bitter and twisted. I want new life to burst forth in me. But I know that does not mean my life will be easy. Maybe I will never live in an actual home again. Maybe I will be personally lonely for the rest of this life. But even in the midst of these temporary events I can still find His strength and a peace that passes understanding. I say temporary because one day I will leave this world. Then I won’t have to endure storms or loneliness anymore. I have tasted His peace and goodness here. There I will drink of eternity’s deliciousness forever.


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