You Can Do It!

No matter how tough life may seem and though your boat keeps sinking, keep trying. Sometimes it’s so difficult to keep bailing out the water, when it seems useless. But it is just the enemy making you think there is no hope. You have to really dig to get a job when there are so […]

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Storms: Pro and Con

California has had several years of an awful drought. It makes me think of how we as people are also in a drought. Many of our lives are dry and barren. It takes a full sap to run in the wood of the trees to feed the unfurling leaves that they might be fully alive […]

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What is true?

The mind is a battlefield. Lies and deceit actually take place there. Or love can take its abode there alongside truth. Which will win the battle in your mind? Today there is so much deceit everywhere. It is hard to know what truth is. But let us think logically. If you travel the road of […]

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