You Can Do It!

No matter how tough life may seem and though your boat keeps sinking, keep trying. Sometimes it’s so difficult to keep bailing out the water, when it seems useless. But it is just the enemy making you think there is no hope.
You have to really dig to get a job when there are so few available. I was told by people who were in the know, that there were no full time jobs available in town. But two opened up. I got one of them. It was not easy. Life is not always easy. But you keep at it as hard as you can go. daisies everywhere
There were no places to live that I could afford. But eventually, by chance, I found one I could afford. No, it is not easy to afford. But I can make it. And it is just right for me. God knew better than I what I needed. I believe He blessed my efforts to keep trying.
If you hurt inside from life events and from a person or people you loved who didn’t want you, or maybe they betrayed you, whatever the reason, you can rise from that hurt. I know it seems like it will just eat you up inside and the hurt can be so devastating. I was in a pit named disappointment and despair. I would fall into it again and again (funny how stupid us humans can be). When I started praising my Savior for what He did for me on Calvary, and when I forced myself to count my blessings, a stairway appeared that I could climb. It led me out of that pit.
I have an idea that different people find different ways to cope (no…you don’t cope with hurt)….different ways to deal with emotional hurt. But I believe with all my heart that praising God is the strongest pain medicine available to mankind.
When my daughter was in that awful car accident, I was blessed that she and the baby lived. That was a great blessing although it was wrapped in painful wrap for my daughter. She was physically in much pain and is now just starting to walk some. But it was a blessing none the less that we still have them with us. We have to look beyond the bad and find the good. The blessings are there.WP_20140802_030
Spend time with what family and or friends you have. That is a blessing too. “You must show yourself friendly to have friends” is so true. If we stay in the pit, no one wants to be dragged into it with you. Therefore, we may be doing our suffering quite alone. Crawl out of that pit! Make it happen! You can do it! Life is full of sunshine. You just have to wait for the clouds to move or climb above them.


Storms: Pro and Con

California has had several years of an awful drought. It makes me think of how we as people are also in a drought. Many of our lives are dry and barren.

The rainbow after a storm.
The rainbow after a storm.

It takes a full sap to run in the wood of the trees to feed the unfurling leaves that they might be fully alive and green. Otherwise they are a gray, dull green. It takes a full supply of God’s love to run in His people to produce truly abundant lives that are beautiful.
Sometimes the sap in us is replaced by other things like bitterness. Someone in a class I was attending stated that bitterness is really selfishness. I had never thought of that before. Then when reading a book the other night, I read the same statement, “Bitterness is selfishness”. Think about that. I’m still mulling it over and I’m seeing that there is much wisdom in it. There are many things that can replace the sap that should be running within our veins.
As I lay on my bed, I listened to the downpour of rain. It is very comforting to listen to it. But storms can be scary. This is a big storm raining down upon us. We have not had much rain in a long time. It can and is causing major flooding and other problems. But at the same time, we need it desperately. Everything is dying without it. How can something that is causing so much damage and trouble be life saving to our countryside at the same time?
Perhaps we need to see storms in our personal life in the same light. These storms can cause much trouble for our life. But sometimes we are in a personal drought and a troublesome storm makes us stop and refocus. When there is no life left in us, or so it seems, then perhaps God can rebuild what He wants for us. When our life has become a desert, maybe a torrential rain will awaken in us new life. It might be painful to endure the time of the storms though.
We may become bitter, dry and twisted in the drought of our personal life. When the terrible storm comes, will we sprout bright new green leaves?
I kind of see these facts, but still I am reeling inside from life’s storms. Yet, I don’t want to be bitter and twisted. I want new life to burst forth in me. But I know that does not mean my life will be easy. Maybe I will never live in an actual home again. Maybe I will be personally lonely for the rest of this life. But even in the midst of these temporary events I can still find His strength and a peace that passes understanding. I say temporary because one day I will leave this world. Then I won’t have to endure storms or loneliness anymore. I have tasted His peace and goodness here. There I will drink of eternity’s deliciousness forever.

What is true?

The mind is a battlefield. Lies and deceit actually take place there. Or love can take its abode there alongside truth. Which will win the battle in your mind?
Today there is so much deceit everywhere. It is hard to know what truth is. But let us think logically. If you travel the road of cheating and lying, is it worth it? Do you really want people to not want you around because they found out they could not trust you?
As we look about us, everything is confusion. Television has taken solemn situations and made a joke out of it. Kids are beginning to believe in internet personalities that don’t even exist. Reality is becoming obscure.

So much is mixed up in this world. Some are taught that if they kill and brutalize their enemy, their god will give them many virgins. They do not know who their real enemy is. It is not people. It is an entity that delights in their misguidance. We get mad at people and think they are the enemy. But it is not flesh and blood that is the real culprit. Flesh and blood is just being used as a pawn.
How do we know who or what the enemy is? Is the enemy religion because it is full of misguided people and false doctrines? Which so called “religion” actually teaches love? Some appear to teach it. Some claim Jesus as their guide. He told us that some people would come and claim that He was the Christ, yet still deceive. So how do we know?
Is the right way a list of do’s and don’ts? We would have to be absolutely perfect to be good enough to get into heaven. We cannot ever reach that state of perfection. We have already made mistakes and we always will as long as we are in this flesh. The only way for us is to rely on Someone else’s perfection. God knew and that is why He sent His Son. Then He left us inspirations that were written down for us by humans. Yes. He uses humans as His tools to do His work. We learn and “see” from those experiences. But how do we know which writings are true inspirations? Some writings are false and not inspired from a good source.
How do we know who is true and who is right? How do we know that there is even a God that sent His Son for us? These are difficult questions that can’t be answered with a simple answer. The answer has been obscured by an enemy that does not want us to see the truth. We have to search for these answers. But we can find the answer. “Seek and ye shall find.” Just don’t get caught up in all the philosophy and religion that this world is inundated with. Let me give you a big clue to begin with…Love.
What is love? People do a lot of good things…but what really motivated their actions? Did they give to charity out of a deep love for the people who received that charity? Or was their act to make themselves feel better? Perhaps it looked good on their resume. It is not always the giving of material goods that is truly a show of love. When a person gives from behind the scenes and no one knows who gave, that may be a true act of love. It may be an emotional giving of their self; one may give up time, or may change something of their own personal desires for someone else’s comfort and care. There are many aspects of love in action. Love is a powerful word that calls for powerful action. There are those who not only posses it, they live it. There is a power source behind them of love.
You may be what the world calls a great Philanthropist. But if your actions and words are not motivated by love, your words are empty. Your actions mean nothing.
Love puts up with a lot. Love is gentle and kind when it is not easy to be kind. Love doesn’t want what you have. Love wants the other person to have the best. Love puts you first. It doesn’t seek to gratify itself. Love doesn’t think upon evil and plan it out to hurt someone. It doesn’t rejoice in the calamity of others. Love is happy when there is truth. Love trusts and gives. It’s not natural for us to have these qualities. But some people have love. They have someone empowering them to posses it. This someone is not flesh and blood.
When we want to know if something is true, measure it against love. That is a good beginning to your journey of finding truth.

Where did this intricate beauty come from?
Where did this intricate beauty come from?