More Buff Guys and Less Wrinkled Ladies

Yummy and good for you---berries
Yummy and good for you—berries

I’m going to deviate from my recent writings about the woods where I’m living. Although, I believe the quietness, fresh air and water here does pertain to what I am going to write about tonight.
The first thing I want to emphasize is to NOT be hornswaggled by the media. Money seems to rule there. Whoever has the most money has the most persuasion? I don’t have much money so I’m not too dangerous. Ha!
Who do we believe when it comes to what is good for the inside of us and how we appear on the outside of our bodies? It takes searching, comparing and time to watch. It takes experimenting. This subject has been a passion of mine. Not that I always eat, drink and behave in totally healthy ways. But I have prayed for wisdom in deciding on what is true and right. There has always been something inside of me that longed to know about a different path for health. flowers and cdFrom what I was seeing as a young adult, I began not to trust modern medicine. When I had a young family, I wanted what was best for them. So I began reading material and comparing information. I listened to radio programs and listened to various medical people on television. As an example: Back in the 1970s, one of the things that bothered me was how margarine was being pushed. The media said it was so much better than butter. Now this seems a small thing, but a lot of small things add up to big things. I found a few people who actually went against the grain (or should I say against the margarine) and said butter was better. To me, it just seemed more natural to use butter. But I knew olive oil was good for you too. I heard of a recipe to mix them both. So I experimented and made my own whipped butter. It was olive oil and butter whipped together. It made a nice soft buttery delight to use on toast or whatever. The butter combo turned out good. But that was the beginning of my family suffering through some unsavory meals as I experimented on them. It did get better as time progressed.

Go outside and do something out of the ordinary for fishing. Its fun and even eating the fish is healthy!
Go outside and do something out of the ordinary for yourself…like fishing. Its fun and even eating the fish is healthy!

You young people need to take heed of your health while you are young. It helps to still be healthy and buff, guys, when you are in your fifties and beyond. Ladies, you can have fewer wrinkles if you stay away from hydrogenated foods and eat healthier. You might not see the difference when you are still young, but later in life it will show up. Age is going to catch up with us all, but we can delay it a bit. I like being a feisty grandma!
Many principles of health are found in the Bible. Sometimes it regards food; sometimes it regards your countenance, and your mental state. Proverbs 3:8 says, “…fear the Lord and depart from evil, it shall be health to thy navel and marrow to thy bones.” Now why is that? Well, if one fears the Lord, one will try and figure out what His principles are. And His principles help us live a better life when we follow them. When we are at peace and abide in His love, we will be healthier. That is just a fact. The Bible even mentions how words can affect our health. Check out Proverbs 12:18. Words? How can words affect our health? Because they affect how we feel. Our mental state has a lot to do with our health. Proverbs 16:24 also talks about pleasant words and how they bring health to the bones. Perhaps it makes a difference what we listen to on the radio, television and from our friends. What goes into our mind stays there. It may affect you more than you think.

Pets are actually beneficial. Being with kids is a hoot! They both can sure make you smile.
Pets are actually beneficial. Being with kids is a hoot! They both can sure make you smile.

I like to see buff grandpas running around and cheer little ole ladies from Pasadina. So, go granny! Go granny, go!


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