My neighbors

My Grand daughter with one of our neighbors...
My Grand daughter with one of our neighbors…

Let me introduce you to some of my neighbors. I would like to gossip about a couple of them.
I have a very graceful, beautiful neighbor and her masculine, gallant friend who bears large head gear. She is a very “deer” neighbor of mine. She can make some very unusual sounds though. I have heard her family make a sound that is similar to metal cans banged together. That is the only thing I can relate it to. Then there is a bugle sound, a snort, and other sounds as well. And if you like to talk about athletes, watch this family.

She practically stuck her head in my camera
She practically stuck her head in my camera

 You would be surprised at how high they can jump. They are grace in action. Even when they walk, it is with beauty.


I have looked into their liquid brown eyes and saw a warm, lively spirit looking back at me. Can you guess the name of this lively family?

I also have a bright blue neighbor that has quite a cute hat upon his head. He lives exclusively in the mountains. He is very shy though. This guy is not as noisy as his valley cousins who don’t wear hats. He seems larger than his cousins, but maybe that is my imagination. I love the blue, black and white design he bears. I often spy him in the elderberry bush as he hides behind the leaves while watching the cat that plays beneath him.

The next neighbor I would like to tell you about is bigger than the average cat. I saw a half grown family member watching some goats one day. He didn’t pay me any attention nor did he try to get in where the goats were located. He just sat there and watched them. I was sitting on a log in the woods on the other side of the fenced area. I did not try to make his acquaintance though. I eventually got up and quietly walked away. I saw another mountain lion and two large cubs cross the road in front of our car one night. They are handsome creatures, but not a neighbor I care to snuggle with on a cold night.


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