More Buff Guys and Less Wrinkled Ladies

Yummy and good for you---berries
Yummy and good for you—berries

I’m going to deviate from my recent writings about the woods where I’m living. Although, I believe the quietness, fresh air and water here does pertain to what I am going to write about tonight.
The first thing I want to emphasize is to NOT be hornswaggled by the media. Money seems to rule there. Whoever has the most money has the most persuasion? I don’t have much money so I’m not too dangerous. Ha!
Who do we believe when it comes to what is good for the inside of us and how we appear on the outside of our bodies? It takes searching, comparing and time to watch. It takes experimenting. This subject has been a passion of mine. Not that I always eat, drink and behave in totally healthy ways. But I have prayed for wisdom in deciding on what is true and right. There has always been something inside of me that longed to know about a different path for health. flowers and cdFrom what I was seeing as a young adult, I began not to trust modern medicine. When I had a young family, I wanted what was best for them. So I began reading material and comparing information. I listened to radio programs and listened to various medical people on television. As an example: Back in the 1970s, one of the things that bothered me was how margarine was being pushed. The media said it was so much better than butter. Now this seems a small thing, but a lot of small things add up to big things. I found a few people who actually went against the grain (or should I say against the margarine) and said butter was better. To me, it just seemed more natural to use butter. But I knew olive oil was good for you too. I heard of a recipe to mix them both. So I experimented and made my own whipped butter. It was olive oil and butter whipped together. It made a nice soft buttery delight to use on toast or whatever. The butter combo turned out good. But that was the beginning of my family suffering through some unsavory meals as I experimented on them. It did get better as time progressed.

Go outside and do something out of the ordinary for fishing. Its fun and even eating the fish is healthy!
Go outside and do something out of the ordinary for yourself…like fishing. Its fun and even eating the fish is healthy!

You young people need to take heed of your health while you are young. It helps to still be healthy and buff, guys, when you are in your fifties and beyond. Ladies, you can have fewer wrinkles if you stay away from hydrogenated foods and eat healthier. You might not see the difference when you are still young, but later in life it will show up. Age is going to catch up with us all, but we can delay it a bit. I like being a feisty grandma!
Many principles of health are found in the Bible. Sometimes it regards food; sometimes it regards your countenance, and your mental state. Proverbs 3:8 says, “…fear the Lord and depart from evil, it shall be health to thy navel and marrow to thy bones.” Now why is that? Well, if one fears the Lord, one will try and figure out what His principles are. And His principles help us live a better life when we follow them. When we are at peace and abide in His love, we will be healthier. That is just a fact. The Bible even mentions how words can affect our health. Check out Proverbs 12:18. Words? How can words affect our health? Because they affect how we feel. Our mental state has a lot to do with our health. Proverbs 16:24 also talks about pleasant words and how they bring health to the bones. Perhaps it makes a difference what we listen to on the radio, television and from our friends. What goes into our mind stays there. It may affect you more than you think.

Pets are actually beneficial. Being with kids is a hoot! They both can sure make you smile.
Pets are actually beneficial. Being with kids is a hoot! They both can sure make you smile.

I like to see buff grandpas running around and cheer little ole ladies from Pasadina. So, go granny! Go granny, go!


My neighbors

My Grand daughter with one of our neighbors...
My Grand daughter with one of our neighbors…

Let me introduce you to some of my neighbors. I would like to gossip about a couple of them.
I have a very graceful, beautiful neighbor and her masculine, gallant friend who bears large head gear. She is a very “deer” neighbor of mine. She can make some very unusual sounds though. I have heard her family make a sound that is similar to metal cans banged together. That is the only thing I can relate it to. Then there is a bugle sound, a snort, and other sounds as well. And if you like to talk about athletes, watch this family.

She practically stuck her head in my camera
She practically stuck her head in my camera

 You would be surprised at how high they can jump. They are grace in action. Even when they walk, it is with beauty.


I have looked into their liquid brown eyes and saw a warm, lively spirit looking back at me. Can you guess the name of this lively family?

I also have a bright blue neighbor that has quite a cute hat upon his head. He lives exclusively in the mountains. He is very shy though. This guy is not as noisy as his valley cousins who don’t wear hats. He seems larger than his cousins, but maybe that is my imagination. I love the blue, black and white design he bears. I often spy him in the elderberry bush as he hides behind the leaves while watching the cat that plays beneath him.

The next neighbor I would like to tell you about is bigger than the average cat. I saw a half grown family member watching some goats one day. He didn’t pay me any attention nor did he try to get in where the goats were located. He just sat there and watched them. I was sitting on a log in the woods on the other side of the fenced area. I did not try to make his acquaintance though. I eventually got up and quietly walked away. I saw another mountain lion and two large cubs cross the road in front of our car one night. They are handsome creatures, but not a neighbor I care to snuggle with on a cold night.

In the Woods with Them

During the day view from my camper door.
During the day view from my camper door.

As I walked through the dark to get to my camper tonight, I heard something breathing heavily behind the trees…I quickly pulled my camper door shut behind me as I jumped inside. I lay down on my bed to think. I turned on some soft music but quickly turned it off again so I could hear what was going on outside my window. Then I grabbed my laptop to type down some thoughts.
When I first moved into the camper, I mentally fought being basically homeless. I had lost almost every material thing I owned. Yet, it really wasn’t my fault. It is just the way things happened. And then my further choices ended up looking like the wrong choices. Still, I believe they were not the wrong choices. I did what I knew best at the time.
I was somewhat prepared for this journey. And now I have another full time job to keep me afloat. Still, it will not be enough wages to start all over. But I’m not going to fret anymore. I am accepting all of this as part of my journey here on earth. And, oh my, what adventures I’m finding living here in the woods. I drive to the valley to work during the week days and then come back to my camper in the evening.The Western Woods
It is very different living in a quiet little camper than living in a house or mobile home. The temperature is the same outside as it is inside. I have a thermometer to prove it! Yes, it was pretty hot this summer. It was not easy especially …oh, my…I hear something breathing just outside my camper window…I wonder if it is a bear. I can hear it kind of snorting. I think it is sniffing to try and tell what I am and where I am. I would have screamed probably a few months ago when I first moved into the camper. But I’m starting to get use to these night time sounds…a little. It still gets my adrenaline up though, especially when the sound is so close by. It is hard to tell the exact distance of sounds in these western woods. Sound travels different than in the valley or even than in the East.Driving back in to where the camper is located
Anyway, it might be a deer that is breathing and snorting out there. I thought I heard it earlier. I also heard some crashing further away. It might be hiding by my camper from a dog or mountain lion. I bet it is afraid of me too, whatever it is.
Okay. It is quiet again out there. But I think that whatever is out there is very close. Now what was I talking about earlier…Oh! Something just hit my flimsy screen. My window is open and all that is between me and the dark out there is this little screen. Let me tell you, I just jumped about 3 inches off my bed. But I think it was a moth that saw my light and hit the screen trying to get in.
I’m not getting very far tonight in writing this blog. But think I will close for now and lay here to listen to what is happening outside. It sounds quite interesting sometimes. I have to use my imagination to fill in what I cannot see in the dark. And it is very dark in these woods at night. Sometimes I want to cry because I hear a terrible little scream and know a small animal just got killed and is being eaten. Other times it is the wild night birds making the most unusual sounds. Sometimes they don’t even sound real. These are not the owls that I’m talking about. There are other birds that live here and come awake at night. We seldom hear about them in books or on television. Let me tell you; they live in these woods! And I live in the woods with them, very close.camper