The Lord IS
The Lord IS

Say this short line from Psalm 23 out loud. But say it five times. Each time take the next word and emphasize it. You will see so much more in your mind, when you do.

THE Lord is my shepherd…

The LORD is my shepherd…

Next: Think about the word “IS”.

The Lord IS my shepherd.

Do you hear how positive that sounds? There is no doubt there. If we can really hear and then feel that word, it can get us through the dark valley where we may be walking.

There is no question as to His Presence when you emphasize that small little word.

Not maybe but “IS” gives you the courage and assurance to keep pressing on in the midst of a dark scary time.
There is a shepherd! There is the Good Shepherd. And we are the sheep of His pasture. We know He exists. He IS.


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