Well, did you all do it? Did you take each word in the phrase, “The Lord is my Shepherd”, and emphasize it? It’s amazing what you see, isn’t it? Let’s look at the next word, “my”. The Lord is MY Shepherd. What does that say to you? What do you see or feel? “My”….belongs to […]

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Say this short line from Psalm 23 out loud. But say it five times. Each time take the next word and emphasize it. You will see so much more in your mind, when you do. THE Lord is my shepherd… Then: The LORD is my shepherd… Next: Think about the word “IS”. The Lord IS […]

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Who is this Lord?

Last time we talked about the word “THE” in the verse, “The Lord is my shepherd”. Now let’s look at the word “Lord”. On this earth, especially in Europe, we find people with prominence carrying the title “Lord”. For instance, we might see someone called Lord Baltimore. But these lords cannot do what the Lord […]

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Hope on the Rope

Sometimes life isn’t as kind to you as it might be for some others. Sometimes it is downright mean. Finally, we just bow our head and cry out an SOS. But there is a rope to grab that will be the strength you don’t have any more. That rope swung out in front of me […]

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