Relaxation Mode

Happy Thoughts to you brought by this bouquet of flowers!
Happy Thoughts to you brought by this bouquet of flowers!

Have you ever noticed how the smell of certain things can bring back memories? I walked into a room somewhere not long ago and there was a smell that instantly transported me back to my very early years in life. We lived in the Sierras in a small town called Forbestown. We often went to another small town nearby called Challenge to shop at a thrift store. The walls were sided with cedar and that smell stayed with me all these years.

 Some smells can uplift your mood. I noticed the smell of the lilac soap my daughter bought me always seems to make me smile. 

When one uses the essential oil of lemon or orange, it seems to make you perk up.  You can make an essential oil air freshener that not only refreshes the air, but uplifts the mood. It also kills viruses and eats up bad stuff in the air. Mix either orange or lemon essential oil and tea tree oil. Add these to some water in a spray bottle and voila! A safe wonderful air freshener.  You can experiment with the oils and see which ones you like the best. They are fun to use, and healthy for you and your family.

Flowers can uplift your mood as well as the soft music.
Flowers can uplift your mood as well as the soft music.

In the cold winter try adding  essential oil of lavender with Epson salts to your  warm bath. It not only warms you up, but it smells wonderful. The Epson salts is a good way to get your magnesium.

 It is very relaxing and good for you. The lavender combined with this is a must if you need a good nights sleep.

In warmer weather the hot baths go on hold until winter returns. There are still showers though, LOL. You might try  using essential oil of lavender in a diffuser by the bed to help you relax. Nature sounds with soft music like a harp or pan flute are sounds that calm..  If you are really upset about something or stressed, you may have to take an herb called Valerian Root.

They say a pet has a calming affect on you as well.  My two furry friends in the picture are very loving and are soft and pleasant to pet. Perhaps they are right, I don’t know. But I love my chihuahuas!

My two furry friends
My two furry friends

So the next time you are uptight, get in the RELAXATION MODE. Life is too short to stress!



If you don’t believe this article, go look at the sky outside your door.  They are there most of time anymore.  It is like living in a Sci-Fi movie.

Not the best picture of them, but I wanted to get this article out today.
Not the best picture of them, but I wanted to get this article out today.

I heard about chem trails but took it with a grain of salt.  It just didn’t totally hit me.  But this morning I took a cup of tea out on the deck to enjoy before I left for work.  I was watching a jet fly by and the con trail behind it evaporated just like they always have.  But then I noticed these big trails in a geometric design across the sky that were not disappearing. It was so obvious that what I heard was correct.  These were not ordinary contrails across my sky this morning.  They were still there when I drove off to work.  I kept watching the sky all the way down the road.  The chem trails spread out a little, but did not disappear. Have you noticed that there is always a haze in the sky.  When I was young, the sky was a bright, clear blue.

Last night I listened to a neurosurgeon,  Dr. Blaylock, speak about this subject. There are nano particles of aluminum in these trails.  They are very dangerous to all living things.  In humans it can cause all kinds of diseases because it causes  inflammation of the brain. Someone told him that they are doing this because of global warming.  They think the aluminum will reflect the heat from earth.  BUT NO ONE ASK ANY OF US IF WE WANTED TO BE POISONED THIS WAY. They (whoever they are) are just doing it.

I read today where the people working on this actually think they are helping mankind by putting this junk in our sky.  They are deluded.  I wish they would ask medical people who have studied the brain and what aluminum does to it.

I have since found all kinds of conspiracy theory’s about why this is being done.  I think some are just people’s ideas and others may be put out there to make us all think its just crazy peoples ideas and nothing unusual is happening.  BALONEY!  Growing up I never saw this in the sky.  I know I am not a young chick any more, but I’m not that old! We did have jets in my day.  I lived next to an airport for several years and still never saw anything like this.

Please check this out. Write your senators. Put articles in the local newspapers.  Tell people at your church and school.  Get it out there what is going on.  According to the doctor, this is irreversible. When it hits the saturation point, we will see people dying much earlier.  The sick, elderly etc will die off and the stronger folk still won’t live near as long. THIS IS DANGEROUS!

If I am wrong, show me, tell me.  I want to know.  I don’t know a whole lot about chem trails other than they are there and a qualified doctor says it has aluminum in it. Also he mentioned they have taken samples from Mount Shasta and the aluminum levels are way high.  I believe this is true for other areas and things, as well.   I do know something is going on that wasn’t told to us “people”. I do know I listened to a doctor that I have heard on other subjects. He is a doctor I respect. I tend to believe he knows what he is talking about.

I worry for the kind of life my grandkids will have…or maybe won’t have.  We need to get this stopped. This is one thing that we cannot be apathetic about.