The magic of Glass

Glass you can use
Glass you can use

Where does glass stand in your life?  How about plastic?  Which will win?

Plastic has its place in our life.  But should its place contain our food and beverages?

Every calorie counts.  I should say I count every calorie.  I’m short in stature and don’t have room for too many of those little guys that make me big.  So, the few calories I get need to taste good and be good for me.  For you, too, right?

Well, the flavor of plastic seems to leak into the food contained in it along with chemicals.  Even my water is not as refreshing as when I drink it from a glass container.

And PLEASE don’t microwave in plastic.  I’ll let you research just how bad that is for you, if you don’t want to take my word.

We live in a toxic world and need to fight for our health.  We should take as many precautions as possible.

I will try to show a positive side for plastic.  There are some very cute plastic containers that don’t even cost a lot.  OR DOES IT? It may cost your health!  Now that is expensive.  Uh-oh, that positive side for plastic didn’t work out so well.  Let us move on.

I have a glass quart jar that use to contain raw honey.  I put distilled water in it (or spring water) and took it to work to drink.  It still has the fresh smell of honey which is actually nice.  My water tastes so much better now that when it was in plastic bottles.



Some glass containers
Some glass containers

I also have some old glass quart drinking jars from years ago that are very convenient. But they don’t make those anymore. 😦

Notice the handle on the side.  Just love this.
Notice the handle on the side. Just love this.



You can buy glass bowls with plastic lids. (ah-ha! the lids are plastic. That’s one good point for plastic.)
At a flea market I even found glass lids for my mason jars. You can buy rubber seals for them at Amazon, but I’m not looking to seal them. I just use them to cover whatever I’m toting to work or a picnic. Sometimes the metal lids left a metal taste in my ginger/lemonade.

Use your imagination. Even though its harder to find glass containers these days, they are still out there. You buy things that are contained in glass. Recycle!

It is fun, healthy and tickles your taste buds when you use glass.

The ring is metal but the part that touches your drink is glass.
The ring is metal but the part that touches your drink is glass.

Delicious Dandelions

Wonderful Dandelions!
Wonderful Dandelions!


Its spring!  And what do we find in our yards in spring?  Dandelions!

I can hear you saying, “Don’t remind me.  I have to pull all those weeds out.”

No!!!!  They are a wonderful plant.  The flowers can be made into tea, the leaves in your salad and the roots make a wonderful coffee (or at least that’s what I hear about the coffee–haven’t tried it yet).

Take the kids with their baskets and have a picking party.  The air is fresh, the grass is green and there is wonderful sunshine.  Then take vinegar and water and wash the heads.  Then pick the petals out as the green part is bitter.

Wash in vinegar and water.
Wash in vinegar and water.

Put some petals in a cup of hot water and let it steep for about 20 minutes.  It kind of tastes like green tea, yet different.  My grandma and grandpa use to pick a reed like plant from the desert and make tea.  This almost had a tinge of that taste also.  It is really good and good for you.

I will let these petals dry and try using some more later.
I will let these petals dry and try using some more later.
Here is your finished product.
Here is your finished product.

Set Free


His joy to set us free
His joy to set us free

They cry for love

They cry for peace

But they shoot the dove

And push out the “least”.

God sent down an emissary

Who gave His blood

For the Bride He would marry

Tho she was buried in earth’s mud.

Some keep trying to clean up

Yet the mud clings to them

And it is a bitter cup

If they would just “let” Him.

We are made of that clay

And in the middle of it we sit

We cannot get away

This is something we must admit.

He knows that and wants to let us “in”

He let them hang Him from a tree

He paid our debt of sin

That price He paid to set us free.

Free from what, you might ask?

Free from guilt and from His rage

It is not something that is our task

If we accept His gift, death won’t be our wage.


-by Gail Maynard-