The magic of Glass

Where does glass stand in your life?  How about plastic?  Which will win? Plastic has its place in our life.  But should its place contain our food and beverages? Every calorie counts.  I should say I count every calorie.  I’m short in stature and don’t have room for too many of those little guys that […]

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Delicious Dandelions

  Its spring!  And what do we find in our yards in spring?  Dandelions! I can hear you saying, “Don’t remind me.  I have to pull all those weeds out.” No!!!!  They are a wonderful plant.  The flowers can be made into tea, the leaves in your salad and the roots make a wonderful coffee […]

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Set Free

SET FREE They cry for love They cry for peace But they shoot the dove And push out the “least”. God sent down an emissary Who gave His blood For the Bride He would marry Tho she was buried in earth’s mud. Some keep trying to clean up Yet the mud clings to them And […]

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