DIY Flavored Water

You can make it yourself. And it is easy!
You can make it yourself. And it is easy!
Would you like to save some money and have a delicious healthy drink at the same time?
I’m ready to tell you about some drinks that are fun to make, pretty to look at, and tasty!
You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make flavored water.
1. Use a mason quart jar (or even a two quart jar)
2. Prepare your ingredients: (the list for this depends on your taste and imagination) For example–take 1 small apple, wash, and slice thinly, put in your jar, and add a couple cinnamon sticks
3. Add clean, filtered water
4. Let it all set in your covered jar in the refrigerator over night
5. You can drink as is or you can add a sweetener like stevia, perhaps honey
6. Take out fruit or veggies from the jar and set aside to use in a smoothie later

There is almost no end to the variety of flavored waters that you can make. Just waiting for you to discover are many fruits and veggies that will tickle your taste-buds.
Cucumber is an amazing one. Experiment! Mints are also good. Melons, berries and more. Try mixing different fruits or mixing veggies. You don’t have any additives that you don’t want.


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