Yummy Tea that's good for you.
Yummy Tea that’s good for you.
By using what I had on hand, I created a wonderful tea that is healthy and very tasty. (I think my favorite for now).
Take 1 heaping teaspoon of fennel seed and put in a pint size mason jar. Peel an inch or two of ginger root, shred into the same jar. Cover these healthy tid bits with hot water, put lid on, screw it down, and put it in the refrigerator over night.
I take it to work and warm it up in the microwave inside of my favorite cup.
It’s good just like this, but my very favorite way for it is to add some peppermint mocha coffee creamer. Ohhhhh, wow! It’s so good!
I have inherited tummy troubles and this hot drink also helps with that problem. Fennel and ginger both are good for the tummy…PLUS…
Fennel seed is good for:
Heartburn, bloating, colic in infants, upper respiratory tract infection, backache, increases breast milk and sex drive, flavoring agent and MORE.
Ginger is good for:
the whole body…I could take a whole page and more to tell you about that wonderful herb. One thing in particular it is good for is arthritis, especially rheumatoid.
I’m not a doctor, but find a good holistic doctor and they can verify these and many more natural ways to heal and help your body feel better.


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