Flowers Along the Way

Its so easy to fall into a chasm of depression in the world we live in. I have found a walk in a quiet place with nature all around me lifts my spirits and helps me get through another week. But I have also found people in my life who lift me up. It may be family or co-workers or even a stranger who does a kind deed or gives me a bright smile. They all are like the beautiful flowers along the paths I walk in nature. This poem I wrote is for you.

The trail led upward
through tangled vines
I was attacked by robbers
though the sun still shined.

Painfully, I climbed back to the path
while the prince of darkness
had poured out his wrath.

I called to the One who is always there
I told Him that my pain was more than I could bear.

Then on this trail of tears down here
he gave me flowers
to lift and cheer.

People, they are who blossom and show
beauty to me
as I onward go.

Occasionally I find a special flower
that speaks to me
of my God’s great power.

It lifts my heart and lightens my way
giving me strength for another day
this wonderful plant
how it makes me smile
bringing me joy
for another mile.

A flower (my granddaughter) is showing us flowers
A flower (my granddaughter) is showing us flowers



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