Stir fry is healthy and are 3 versions you can try.
Stir fry is healthy and versatile…here are 3 versions you can try.
Stir Fry your way to delicious nutrition.
Let me give you three versions: the QUICK, EASY AND TASTY version number ONE…
–1 to 2 bags frozen veggies of your choice
(should include onions and celery–you can add those separately if you wish)
–1 cup cut up chicken tenders or breast

–3/4 cup of a good soy sauce
–garlic powder
–ginger powder
–1 1/2 Tablespoons cornstarch

1. Fry your chicken first and set aside in a bowl.
2. Then put your veggies in the same pan and cook. The trick is not to cook them too long. You don’t want them soggy.
3. Just before they are done add your sauce and chicken and quickly stir it together and serve with garlic toast and a glass of milk.

Version two…
The little bit longer but tastier version:

Chicken tenders or breasts cut up into pieces and fried. Add as much as you prefer…to your family’s taste.

1 bag good mixture of frozen stir fry veggies
(Now cut up some cabbage, celery, onion, watercress or whatever sounds good to you)–(this dish can be very versatile)

–Fresh ginger root (about 2 inches peeled–you can add more each time till you find the strength you like)
–Fresh garlic 2 or 3 sections (this also should be added just a little at first until you get the strength you like)
–Good brand of soy sauce ( I use Kikkoman, usually)

Cook same as 1st recipe I gave you. But the fresh ginger and garlic make a world of difference in the sauce.
Also, I cut off corn from a cob and add. Petite baby peas are added after you turn off the stove. Don’t forget the cabbage and onions. Sometimes I add fresh Spinach.

VERSION three: the tasty but cheapest version

If you don’t have any meat, you can use eggs. Just scramble up what you have and set them aside to add later after your veggies are cooked.

DON’T USE CANNED VEGGIES. They will be too soggy.
Use some frozen if you need more in your pan. Otherwise just cut up whatever veggies you have. Broccoli, asparagus, greens, sugar peas, carrots, onions…experiment!

–If you have fresh ginger to use, it adds better flavor, but if not, use powdered ginger.
–If you have garlic bulbs to use, great. If not, use powdered garlic (NOT garlic salt as the soy sauce is your salty flavor)
–If you don’t have cornstarch, use unbleached flour to thicken your sauce. If you don’t have any white flour, use whole wheat.

Hope you enjoy these recipes. Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think.


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