What a Difference…

The colors on this blouse and the bling bling just make one think "happy!"
The colors on this blouse and the bling bling just make one think “happy!”
There is a phrase, “What a difference a day makes.” There should be a phrase that says, ” What a difference clothes can make.”

For instance, if my pants are too tight on my belly, I get a tummy ache.

And…have you noticed that when you buy some new clothes that look good on you, it lifts your mood? If you feel more confident, your success rate may improve.

We have bling bling on some of our clothes these days. I just love the sparkle. It makes me think “Happy!”
But that “happy” turns into frustration when the bling bling falls off. That is going to happen more frequently if you put those clothes into the dryer. Take them out of the washer and put them on a hanger and hang them over your bathtub to dry. Your bling bling will love you for it.

Anything with elastic in it should not end up in a dryer. Hang that bra on a discreet doorknob in your bedroom to dry. The shape will hold much better.

In the Bible a woman with a serious blood disorder gained strength from just the touch of His clothes (Jesus). Wow! He had so much power that it was transferred to His clothes. We as humans have not the power like the God/Man, Jesus, but clothes can empower us mentally with a bit of confidence.

We have to wear them, so lets have fun with it…and look good!


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