Stir Fry your way to delicious nutrition. Let me give you three versions: the QUICK, EASY AND TASTY version number ONE… –1 to 2 bags frozen veggies of your choice (should include onions and celery–you can add those separately if you wish) –1 cup cut up chicken tenders or breast SAUCE –3/4 cup of a […]

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A Peachy Surprize!

Here is an interesting recipe I created in my juicer… First of all it has cabbage. Cabbage is one of the most beneficial veggies around. Just one of the things it helps with is overall aging. 1. 3 two-inch thickness of CABBAGE The second ingredient is apples. Apples have a variety of benefits that are […]

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What a Difference…

There is a phrase, “What a difference a day makes.” There should be a phrase that says, ” What a difference clothes can make.” For instance, if my pants are too tight on my belly, I get a tummy ache. And…have you noticed that when you buy some new clothes that look good on you, […]

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Today I was sharing some of my experience raising goats with a fellow worker. He said that I ought to share those thoughts with the younger generation because these skills are being lost. So here we go younger generation…or older. Goat’s milk can taste just like cow’s milk, and its a lot easier to care […]

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Put Chickens to Work

I can see in your imagination several chickens walking the picket line with signs that say “Put Chickens to Work!” Yes! Put them to work in your garden! Your garden is pure fun for a chicken. Oh, and scratching up bug eggs is a joy. Plus, a little fertilizing of your garden is natural. What […]

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