Stir fry is healthy and are 3 versions you can try.
Stir fry is healthy and versatile…here are 3 versions you can try.
Stir Fry your way to delicious nutrition.
Let me give you three versions: the QUICK, EASY AND TASTY version number ONE…
–1 to 2 bags frozen veggies of your choice
(should include onions and celery–you can add those separately if you wish)
–1 cup cut up chicken tenders or breast

–3/4 cup of a good soy sauce
–garlic powder
–ginger powder
–1 1/2 Tablespoons cornstarch

1. Fry your chicken first and set aside in a bowl.
2. Then put your veggies in the same pan and cook. The trick is not to cook them too long. You don’t want them soggy.
3. Just before they are done add your sauce and chicken and quickly stir it together and serve with garlic toast and a glass of milk.

Version two…
The little bit longer but tastier version:

Chicken tenders or breasts cut up into pieces and fried. Add as much as you prefer…to your family’s taste.

1 bag good mixture of frozen stir fry veggies
(Now cut up some cabbage, celery, onion, watercress or whatever sounds good to you)–(this dish can be very versatile)

–Fresh ginger root (about 2 inches peeled–you can add more each time till you find the strength you like)
–Fresh garlic 2 or 3 sections (this also should be added just a little at first until you get the strength you like)
–Good brand of soy sauce ( I use Kikkoman, usually)

Cook same as 1st recipe I gave you. But the fresh ginger and garlic make a world of difference in the sauce.
Also, I cut off corn from a cob and add. Petite baby peas are added after you turn off the stove. Don’t forget the cabbage and onions. Sometimes I add fresh Spinach.

VERSION three: the tasty but cheapest version

If you don’t have any meat, you can use eggs. Just scramble up what you have and set them aside to add later after your veggies are cooked.

DON’T USE CANNED VEGGIES. They will be too soggy.
Use some frozen if you need more in your pan. Otherwise just cut up whatever veggies you have. Broccoli, asparagus, greens, sugar peas, carrots, onions…experiment!

–If you have fresh ginger to use, it adds better flavor, but if not, use powdered ginger.
–If you have garlic bulbs to use, great. If not, use powdered garlic (NOT garlic salt as the soy sauce is your salty flavor)
–If you don’t have cornstarch, use unbleached flour to thicken your sauce. If you don’t have any white flour, use whole wheat.

Hope you enjoy these recipes. Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think.


A Peachy Surprize!

Fresh, tasty and different, this is even good for you!
Fresh, tasty and different, this is even good for you!
Here is an interesting recipe I created in my juicer…

First of all it has cabbage. Cabbage is one of the most beneficial veggies around. Just one of the things it helps with is overall aging.
1. 3 two-inch thickness of CABBAGE

The second ingredient is apples. Apples have a variety of benefits that are so good for you. One of those is that it helps with osteoarthritis.
2. 3 or 4 MEDIUM APPLES (seeded)

The third ingredient is fresh ginger root. Ginger root is awesome! It has so many healthy aspects. One of the things about ginger root is that it helps with Rhumatoid arthritis.
3. 2 inch piece of ginger root

Now here is the interesting twist to this recipe: 1 or 2 peaches.

The taste is actually good. Its refreshing, not overpowering from any of the ingredients, healthy, and different.

Oregano Vulgare L. Essential Oil (Getting Rid of the Pain)

A few drops in your tub of water will work wonders.
A few drops in your tub of water will work wonders.
There was a tiny bottle of oregano V essential oil that set quietly unused in my cabinet. It had been ordered because of the great reviews I had heard about it.
One day I decided to put some drops in my bath water just to see what it would do. Maybe the scent would be relaxing. I soaked myself for 20 minutes or more.
Well! Let me tell you what it did for me. It got rid of the knee pain I’ve had for almost two years and took a big edge off my back pain.
Later I came down with a one sided swollen tonsil and earache. So I put one drop of the oregano V. essential oil in 1 tablespoon of grape-seed oil and rubbed my neck, put some in my ear and under my nose. The pain subsided, although the tightness from the swollen lymph nodes and tonsil was still there. So I took some Tylenol and went to bed. It was all gone the next morning when I awoke. It tried to come back that following evening so I repeated the process and it has not come back.
Do not use the essential oil straight. It is very potent. Mix it with other oil or put in a lot of water to soak in. See what it will do for you.

What a Difference…

The colors on this blouse and the bling bling just make one think "happy!"
The colors on this blouse and the bling bling just make one think “happy!”
There is a phrase, “What a difference a day makes.” There should be a phrase that says, ” What a difference clothes can make.”

For instance, if my pants are too tight on my belly, I get a tummy ache.

And…have you noticed that when you buy some new clothes that look good on you, it lifts your mood? If you feel more confident, your success rate may improve.

We have bling bling on some of our clothes these days. I just love the sparkle. It makes me think “Happy!”
But that “happy” turns into frustration when the bling bling falls off. That is going to happen more frequently if you put those clothes into the dryer. Take them out of the washer and put them on a hanger and hang them over your bathtub to dry. Your bling bling will love you for it.

Anything with elastic in it should not end up in a dryer. Hang that bra on a discreet doorknob in your bedroom to dry. The shape will hold much better.

In the Bible a woman with a serious blood disorder gained strength from just the touch of His clothes (Jesus). Wow! He had so much power that it was transferred to His clothes. We as humans have not the power like the God/Man, Jesus, but clothes can empower us mentally with a bit of confidence.

We have to wear them, so lets have fun with it…and look good!


Use a stainless steel bucket to collect your goat's milk.
Use a stainless steel bucket to collect your goat’s milk.

Today I was sharing some of my experience raising goats with a fellow worker. He said that I ought to share those thoughts with the younger generation because these skills are being lost.
So here we go younger generation…or older.

Goat’s milk can taste just like cow’s milk, and its a lot easier to care for goats than cows.

If you like very rich milk, the Nubian goats are the milk goats to get. They are like the Jersey cow of the goat world. But there is one slight problem, if you want to make butter from their milk. Their milk is naturally homogenized. It takes a long time sitting in the refrigerator for any cream to rise.

The thing about goat milk is that it needs to be used right away. It has an acid that breaks the milk down and the taste becomes what we call “goaty” flavored. So the best thing to do is get a cream separator. With the separator, you can make your butter right away, while the milk and cream are still sweet.

Also, to avoid that goaty flavor, make sure the goat’s teats are cleaned well before milking. Then after straining the milk, you need to flash cool it. How do I do that? Well, first of all, make sure your milk is NOT in a plastic container. Bacteria can collect in the plastic and ruin the milk’s taste. I use stainless steel. As soon as it is strained, you put it in the freezer for a few minutes. That is what we called flash cooling it. It’s cooled in a flash!

These small considerations will make your goat milk taste like cow’s milk. So often people don’t want to drink goat’s milk because they had the bad experience of tasting goaty flavored milk.

I hope these few tidbits of information will be helpful. If you have any questions, leave me a comment with your question and I will try to get back with you.

Put Chickens to Work

My chicks in their new home.
My chicks in their new home.
I can see in your imagination several chickens walking the picket line with signs that say “Put Chickens to Work!”

Yes! Put them to work in your garden! Your garden is pure fun for a chicken. Oh, and scratching up bug eggs is a joy. Plus, a little fertilizing of your garden is natural. What a job your chickens will love.

Build your coop in a corner of your garden. Place their house in the coop. When garden season is over, let them out of the gate into the garden. ( I sometimes let one out during tomato season to eat any lurking tomato worms.)

Put up about a 2 foot chicken wire fence around the garden perimeter. This will keep rabbits out and the chickens in. If the chickens start flying out, clip the wing feathers of one of their wings. If you clip both wings, they can still fly.

At night when they go back into their coop and into their house, shut the gate so raccoons and other critters can’t get in to steal them.

Jesus said, “Oh Jerusalem, Jerusalem, how I would have gathered you under my wings as a hen gathereth her chicks.” Sometimes I feel like the hen gathering her chickens. I so enjoy and work on protecting them. And they in turn seem to enjoy working for me!

NOTE Since I wrote this, there was some bad luck and I had to move. My chickens were just getting ready to lay when I had to give them away. I hope they are still happy and eating lots of bugs!