Root Out the Problem

Tea set

I really don’t want to say the name of this beneficial, but over-looked herb. Its appellation may turn you away if you don’t like the candy with the same name.
There is a tea from Stash called Licorice Spice. It tastes more like a spicy orange.

If you are trying to stay away from a lot of sugar, this root is what you want. Its naturally sweet. So you don’t need to add sugar to your tea.
It is good for so many things that ail the human body. For instance, it helps headaches and arthritis. It has a substance in it like aspirin. It also is a help for your mouth (bad breath). It even helps fatigue. It is a natural anti-depressant and so much more! In other words, “IT’S GOOD FOR WHAT AILS YA!”


A Tiny Seed With Big Uses

God gave us herbs and plants for food and medicine. I would like to share a little about one of those herbs.
A lot of people know you can boil some water and sugar then add fennel seeds. Then you give one teaspoon to your baby up to six times during the day. This helps colic and gassy tummies.
But bigger humans can benefit from this amazing little seed as well. It really does help a gassy tummy. (even us big people have that problem!) And it can make a pleasant tea to sip on at work or home. Let me share one of my recipes:
Slightly grind 1 or 2 tablespoons in seed or coffee grinder. Cut a piece of thread and a piece of cheese cloth. Put your ground fennel seed in the cheese cloth and tie it up. Take a tea bag ( I use ginsing tea) and another tea that is naturally sweet like Sweet Spice Good Earth tea or licorice root tea. Put all 3 bags in your thermos cup and fill with hot water. You can sip this delicious tea all morning.