Something Real—

IMG_20130325_170125As I peered thru the evening’s mist

I saw two wolves curled together

Their spirits spoke thru their eyes

And if possible, they would have kissed…

He so protectively leaned in close

She lay relaxed free from fear

Basking in his presence

Of which she wanted most…

I lowered the sights of my gun.

How could I kill two who lay in bliss?

So wrapped in contentment and peace.

Warm even in the coolness of the hidden sun.

As I raised my gun once more to aim

My sights fell upon him so strong and true.

But as I glanced at her adoring pose,

A restraining thought to me came…

From them I will not steal

The amity they share,

The existence of this moment.

So, unknown to them, I leave “something real”.


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