It makes a Difference

What you eat and your frame of mind does make a difference. When the kids were growing up in the Sierra’s, we ate from the garden, drank fresh goats milk and I was in an organic food co op. We never got sick. My kids could be in with other children who had strep throat […]

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Something Real—

As I peered thru the evening’s mist I saw two wolves curled together Their spirits spoke thru their eyes And if possible, they would have kissed… He so protectively leaned in close She lay relaxed free from fear Basking in his presence Of which she wanted most… I lowered the sights of my gun. How […]

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Le Pain–Bread

Bread is an interesting word. Did you know the French word for bread, le pain, means pain? Pan is the Latin root for bread. Much of the European and English language is derived from Latin. Bread is one of the oldest prepared foods. It is often called the staff of life. Jesus, from the scriptures, […]

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