It makes a Difference

270What you eat and your frame of mind does make a difference.
When the kids were growing up in the Sierra’s, we ate from the garden, drank fresh goats milk and I was in an organic food co op. We never got sick. My kids could be in with other children who had strep throat and not catch it.
But when we moved to Denver for two years and ate like everyone else, my kids were sick a lot.
It takes more than just research to know how to live and eat. It takes prayer and common sense.
At the time when my kids were tiny, the media push was margarine. I prayed and thought about it. How could man’s creation be better than God’s? All things in moderation, but we ate butter not margarine. That is an example of having discernment. Take in several concepts and weigh them. You can find the path to better health. The longer you stick with it, the better. So start young. But even if you are not so young anymore, you can still benefit by good eating habits. Just find out what is honestly good and not hype.


Something Real—

IMG_20130325_170125As I peered thru the evening’s mist

I saw two wolves curled together

Their spirits spoke thru their eyes

And if possible, they would have kissed…

He so protectively leaned in close

She lay relaxed free from fear

Basking in his presence

Of which she wanted most…

I lowered the sights of my gun.

How could I kill two who lay in bliss?

So wrapped in contentment and peace.

Warm even in the coolness of the hidden sun.

As I raised my gun once more to aim

My sights fell upon him so strong and true.

But as I glanced at her adoring pose,

A restraining thought to me came…

From them I will not steal

The amity they share,

The existence of this moment.

So, unknown to them, I leave “something real”.

Le Pain–Bread

Bread on a plate for blogBread is an interesting word. Did you know the French word for bread, le pain, means pain?
Pan is the Latin root for bread. Much of the European and English language is derived from Latin.
Bread is one of the oldest prepared foods. It is often called the staff of life.
Jesus, from the scriptures, is known as the “Bread of Life”. I think of the pain He suffered to bring us spiritual life. I wonder…is there a connection to the fact that the word bread means pain? Hmmmm, something to think about.

One of the best breads for health that I’ve found for us today is Ezekiel 4:9 bread and others of a similar composition. It’s a flourless, low glycemic, sprouted, whole grain bread. It is a complete protein bread with no trans fats.
The way this bread is made allows the protein and carbohydrates to be assimilated by the body more efficiently.
So a good physical bread gives us sustenance for our bodies while Jesus, the “Bread of Life”, gives us spiritual life.