A Cornor Kept for Summer

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The gloomy cloudy days of winter can seem to darken ones spirit.
We need a bright spot to lighten our mood. Let’s bring some nature into our house.
This summer prepare an inside area near a window that will continue to brighten your days even into the winter.
Light colored wood seems to beckon the light from the window. So try and find a light colored shelf or small bookcase. Place this in your sunny nook. I say wood because it is almost like having a tree inside…well, about as close as I can get anyway.
Now we need something that is alive! So place some plants upon your shelf. Oh, by the way, be careful to place a cookie sheet under your potted plants so that the water doesn’t escape onto your wooden shelf and warp it.
I have found that a begonia will even flower in the winter if placed in a sunny spot of your room. Note the picture I have posted with this blog. That picture with the pink flowers was taken this January, 2013.
Try and use a bright colored pot for accent also. It gives color in the winter when there’s not too many flowers.
This winter I found myself just standing and admiring the little spot of summer in my kitchen. It just seems to liven my spirit and give me patience to continue to wait for this spring


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