Dinner for One Plus a Chihuahua


A friend set me on this adventure of some delicious food for one person.   Go out and buy a rotisseri chicken.  I love the garlic and spice one.   It tastes so good!  And you can make several meals from one chicken. 

 Also it feeds my chihuahua for several days as well. 

 I go through the chicken pulling it apart.  I take the skin, grissle and the rubbery parts from the ends of the bones.  I save all that in the container the chicken came in.  And then I put that in the refrigerator.  I take a little out each day for my chihuahua. 

 I pig out on just the chicken the first day.  It is soooooo good.  I set aside the brown meat usually and use it another day in a stir fry.  Sometimes I make chicken sandwiches for work.  Sometime I use the chicken in a cassarole.

 In the long run it saves money and time.


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