Chasing Away the Blues

By this time each year I start feeling sluggish and lazy.  But the other day we had an extordinaryly warm day close to 70 degrees.  So I went down to my garden area and started pulling out old dead weeds and new weeds from my garden boxes.   The air was fresh, and my melencholy began to wane.  We all deal with heartbreaking issues in life.  Some of those issues have combined with the bad weather issues and attacked my mentality and emotions.  But something about gardening (even just the pulling of weeds)  fought back against those foes.  Although my legs felt like noodles when I started walking back up the hill towards the house, I felt a freedom of release from my heartache and my melencholoy.

Another way to beat those blues is to spend time with loved ones.  Going hiking with my granddaughter is a wonderful way.  But on cold winter days we like to do crafts!

  Three cheers for fresh air, gardening, and grandchildren!


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