A Special Resource

Grandparents are a valuable resource that is often over-looked. These special people have already travelled much of life’s pathways and can share so much of it with us. They can reminisce and bring the past back to life for us. We can also be entertained with real life stories that are our heritage. Sometimes, as […]

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A Cornor Kept for Summer

The gloomy cloudy days of winter can seem to darken ones spirit. We need a bright spot to lighten our mood. Let’s bring some nature into our house. This summer prepare an inside area near a window that will continue to brighten your days even into the winter. Light colored wood seems to beckon the […]

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Dinner for One Plus a Chihuahua

A friend set me on this adventure of some delicious food for one person.   Go out and buy a rotisseri chicken.  I love the garlic and spice one.   It tastes so good!  And you can make several meals from one chicken.   Also it feeds my chihuahua for several days as well.   I go through the […]

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Chasing Away the Blues

By this time each year I start feeling sluggish and lazy.  But the other day we had an extordinaryly warm day close to 70 degrees.  So I went down to my garden area and started pulling out old dead weeds and new weeds from my garden boxes.   The air was fresh, and my melencholy began […]

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